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Jan 24, 2008 04:24 AM

Ideas for a ham bone that aren't bean soup

I have a good sized ham bone left from our New Year's Day feast in the freezer. I'd love to make something with it that isn't another version of white bean soup. Any ideas?

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  1. Cover the bone with water, and add some basic stock seasonings (e.g. onion). Simmer till the meat scraps are ready to come off the bone. Reserve the scraps, and return the bone for the stock for a couple more hours. Strain and cool the stock.

    The stock can be used in all kinds of ways. It can be added to gravies. It can form the base for a vegetable rich soup - minestrone for example. You can add fresh pork to such a soup if you need more meat.


    1. Are you anti soup or just the white bean soup? I always make split pea soup with my hambones, but you could also make a pot of black eyed peas, butter beans or navy beans with it. And then there is the stock, as paulj said.

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        I made split pea with a ham bone last night...I'm eating it now and it's delicious. So simple. If you aren't anti-soup it's a great suggestion.

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          I'm not anti soup at all - although I have to say I loathe split pea (the texture is too too awful). I really like white bean soup with ham but I've made it the last few times I had a ham bone and thought I'd try to branch out a bit.

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            Have you ever heard of Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie which is actually a ham and dumplings called slippery dumplings, sort of like what some people call chicken and dumplings but with ham instead. My mother made it quite often when growing up, some times chicken sometimes ham. Ham, and potatoes and carrots and onins along with the dumplings in a thickened broth stew type base. It is heaven. I make it quite often now too when I have a ham bone with some ham left on it.

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              You know you can run the split pea soup through a blender or processor to get the chunks out. Then it comes out creamy. I also add some meltable cheese to give more flavor and depth. What about the 15 Bean soup? I use this product to make that, but I use the cajun one:


          2. I make vegetable soup with my hambones. I boil the hambone in water until all the meat falls off, then remove the meat and bones from the stock. I shred the meat and add back to the pot, then add in all sorts of vegetables. I save leftover vegetables in a zip bag in the freezer and use those in the soup. I also add chopped potatoes, canned tomatoes (I use my home canned but you can use any you like.), okra, and cabbage and let it cook until the cabbage is soft. Season to taste while cooking, lots of times there's no need for more salt. We eat it with saltine crackers or corn bread with cracked black pepper and a dash of hot sauce on top.