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Jan 24, 2008 04:23 AM

Safeway Soup!!!!

Has anyone tried the Safeway Signature Soup Tuscan Tomato Basil? It is possibly the best soup I have ever had, including those in restaurants, and definitely the best tomato! It is certainly not very's 350-calories a serving with 250-of em from fat I think, but man is it good IMO...have to restrain myself from buying it each week!

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  1. I think I heard somewhere else that it was good. It sounds like I need to try it. Is there a Safeway in Baltimore? The only one I know of is in Ellicott City.

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      There are several in Baltimore. Go to and put in your zip code.

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        There's one at Charles and 24th...and also one in Canton, but I go to the one off Joppa in Towson.

      2. Here in Houston the Safeway is named Randall's and that is some really good soup. Not very healthy but very good. Lots of sodium. They have a soup station where you can sample the soups before you buy, but they only feature 4 on a given day, so you have to keep going back to taste them all. The Tuscan Tomato is by far the best, though.

        1. Omg I came across this soup about 6 years ago and it was (and still is) so amazing. I tell everyone that even mentions a soup about it. My wife hates tomatoes but guess what LOVES this soup. Randalls (Safeway) had a "Cravin' Crab Corn Chowder" that was also amazing but I haven't seen it in a couple years.

          1. Makes a good combo with one of Safeway's sandwiches.

            1. Hm. I'll have to give this a try. Their chicken noodle is indistinguishable from Campbell's Chunky and their clam chowder is like a bowl of hot ranch dressing with no clams in it.

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                It's a very, very close second to THE best tomato soup, which is at Strawberry St. Cafe and Market in Richmond, VA.
                That that soup I was addicted to. Used to take it home by the quart.