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Jan 24, 2008 04:18 AM

Best Burger in Ft. Lauderdale?

Where's eveyone's pick for the best burger in Lauderdale? I just saw Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food TV and today's show was about burgers. They all looked so good...and I got sad since I havn't found a great place here yet.

Tried Jack's on US1...kind of bland.


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  1. Here's a good article I found from today's Sun-Sentinel. They mention a few places in Broward (including Jack's) 5 Guys, which is off of 17th Causeway and Char-Hut, which has locations in western Broward. I've been to 5 Guys, which does make a great burger...fresh taste and very juicy. Haven't had the chance to try Char-Hut yet...i'll have to do that soon!

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      Jacks does a great old time-style burger... that is, fresh beef ground daily, cooked on a griddle to order. Their strength is their blend of brisket and chuck which they grind on premises. The beef flavor is really great. The downside to Jacks is most people nowadays prefer very thick burgers cooked on a grill. Those types can be done medium or medium rare, whereas griddle cooked burgers are usually flatter and fatter, and almost always cooked above medium in order to caramelize the outside.

      That said, I still love Jacks. You just need to salt it and add condiments your self.

      Maguires Hill 16 does a great grilled burger with good quality meat. You can it to temperature there, and the toppings are usually pretty decent. The bun is excellent there as well.

      Moonlight Diner on Cypress Creek and Andrews does a fantastic burger in terms of toppings. They're better than Cheeburger, and are open 24-7. The beef is not ground in house, but they are usually very juicy, and the staff is exceptionally nice for a diner.

      Everyone is crazy about Le Tub in Hallandale since the Vogue article (and Oprah appearance) touting them the best in the nation. Le Tub is pretty good, actually, despite the hype. They grill freshly ground beef on a super-hot grill, charring the outside completely while leaving the inside red and moist. Be prepared to wait a long time for your burger though.

      Char-hut is pretty decent. Family owned. Expensive for what you get though. They're thinner burgers, like Jacks, but they grill them instead of griddle frying them.

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        I have one for everyone. I meet up with one of my friends who happens to be gay and he had me try a burger from Bills Filling Station in Wilton Manors. I must admit after eating that burger that's all I have been thinking about! We went during the day so the only people in there were there for the burger. $6 got me a beer, hand cut fries (done right) and the badest burger I have ever eaten. If you are ever in the area you need to try this one!!!!!!

    2. It's tough to beat Le Tub, but the burger is $11. Char Hut are small but tasty-once again, not the best value. If you go, try the homemade chili sauce (relish). I found Jack's to be OK, too.

      1. I tried 5 Guys today. For a chain, they're good. Toppings are tasty and well prepared, things are cooked fresh to order. They're griddle-style - two thin patties on one bun to give a meatier, thicker bite. In terms of the burger itself, though, I'm shocked SS gave them the second best in SoFla. There's no way. For old-school burgers, Jacks beats them hands down. Give Jacks another try, FTL. The daily-ground brisket is hard to beat.

        1. Just Ft Lauderdale only?? I'd have to go with Jack's. I've heard the burger at Kelly's Landing is great but I always stick with the fried clams and chowder

          Broward- Char Hut and Le Tub get the nod. Had a great Kobe burger at Armadillo Beach in Dania (lunch menu $13).

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          1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

            Headed up to Kelly's Landing to try the burger. Hard to order with fried clams, lobster rolls and great chowder on the menu. That said, I'm always looking for a great burger and had to give Kelly's a shot. The first bite was just okay and I thought it was going to be a bust. However, it improved with each subsequent bite. It's bigger than Jack's and Char Hut but smaller than Le Tub. perfect size. Very tasty and ranks up there with the best. $8 for burger fries and cole slaw or baked beans. $8.50 with cheese.

            Any other nominations in Ft. Lauderdale?

            Kelly's Landing-New England
            1305 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

          2. I am always looking for a good burger as well. I saw that episode of Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives as well. Made my mouth water! So far my picks for a good burger are Le Tub and 5 Guys. Both have a pretty good burger. Le Tub is a little pricey but you get a pretty good sized burger cooked to you liking. THe atmosphere is also interesting and keeps you entertained during the long wait. 5 guys only cooks the burgers are a little samller and greasier but are still good. They offer many toppings and the fries are AMAZING! THey are fresh cut which is hard to find!