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Aug 17, 2001 02:24 PM

Sushi on the westside?

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I'm looking for a good deal, good quality, no rush sushi bar or izekaya on the westside, preferably Sawtelle area. I've read the recent review of Sushi Mori on the board but I'm not looking to spend that much. Been out of town for the last year or so (in Tokyo), what's the latest?

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  1. try sushi sasabune. the sushi is very good. but be warned that the place is a dump (used to be a fast-food Mexican restaurant) and the check for one person usu. hovers between $60 and $75. but overall it is still cheaper than the $125 you could easily spend at mori. sasabune is at the corner of sawtelle and nebraska...

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      I have to second the recommendation for Sushi Sasabune. Its too expensive, so I do eat other sushi places, but this is really the best. Sushi Mori has some good cooked dishes, but the sushi isn't even close.

      Warning: once you eat at Sasabune, you'll be unhappy with sushi at other restaurants. Never once have I had bad fish or even less than great fish there - especially the ankimo, the crab roll, the yellowtail, and all the varieties of tuna.

      This is a derivative of Nozawa - the sushi nazi - in Studio City. Totally relaxed place, but they do like you to have the chef's special, and I always do - its whatever is fresh and delicious.

    2. Speaking of Sawtelle sushi, what does everybody think of Hide Sushi these days? I haven't been there in awhile . . . but I remember enjoying it.

      1. The Hump was FANTASTIC when I went last year, but "word on the board" seems to be the quality has dropped off (some speculation the chef went elsewhere, I think?). Perhaps someone with more knowledge can enlighten us?

        1. I've tried quite a few on the westside, some of the ones I keep going back to are:

          Hide - Sawtelle N. of Olympic

          Hump - Santa Monica Airport (not as good as it once was but still fine)

          Tsuji No Hana - Lincoln Blvd. in MDR

          and I just tried U-zen (Santa Monica Blvd. E. of Bundy) and liked it very much