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Jan 24, 2008 03:12 AM

Opinions please... Buying my 1st smoker!

From my reading around here, it looks like I'm going with the Weber Smokey Mountain. I've been doing my ribs and pulled pork dutch oven style but am eager to start smokin'. Please offer your advice and experiences so I get the right product. Thanks in advance. Oh yeah... I'm not going over $300.

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  1. I've had a WSM for about ten years, and I highly recommend it. There's lots of good info on the net about how to use it to best effect. You sure can't beat it in its price range.


    1. If I were going to buy another cooker, it'd be a WSM. There's a reason they're so common on the competitive circuit: they work well and they're easy to use.

      1. Char-Broil has inexpensive models that double as charcoal grills.....last season I saw them at Home Depot for $150 (approx).

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          If you're talking about the Charbroil Silver Smoker with the offset firebox, I have one of those, and I like it. Still, I think I'd rather have a WSM. With the offset, I have to tend the fire about once an hour or so. From what I hear about the WSM, however, it's almost as if it was a Popeil product...set it and forget it.

        2. Another vote for WSM. I bought one last year and made excellent BBQ on my first try.

          1. I've been completely satisfied with my WSM.

            For any questions you might have about it, the folks over at
            know more about cooking with and modifying your WSM than I thought possible.