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Jan 24, 2008 02:23 AM


Has anyone tried Barfry lately? I happened in for their happy hour and had a fantastic time and wanted to see if dinner might be any better. My cocktails were inventive and refreshing, even if the rosemary gimlet was a tad heavy on the rosemary. Best yet is that they were $6 and came with amuses bouches from the chef. Definitely a great place for a drink after work.

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  1. Dinner has definitely improved at BarFry. While I love(d) the tempura, it was not figure friendly. Lately there has been a LOT more specials on the board geared towards sushi, seafood, non-fried items. Service has always been terrific... gets a little loud and towards then end I feel like I've been locked away in a stark-white room, but worth it for the fluke!

    1. I went in October and really enjoyed the food, including a variety of tempura and some salads.

      1. I'm a fan, too. The service is great and there are lots of little salads to counterbalance all the grease.

        1. I agree with the first 3 responses. The tempura is done really well for the most part, and there's a good list on non-fried items so you don't gorge yourself on grease. I work in the area and it's never really crowded during the week...

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            I wrote a small thing:

            Has it changed that much since the opening?

          2. I was there last night, probably my fourth or fifth visit. My sense is that the tempura has lightened up a bit since my first try. I'm a big fan of the shitake and string bean tempura. Also-- the past two visits they have had a Montauk fluke shashimi-- it was truly fabulous-- reminded me of dishes I've loved at Soto, which is a high compliment in my book. I've also enjoyed the Barfry salad, and recently tried the Black sesame gelato, which was a treat.

            My only complaint is that the music is really really loud. (Which probably means I'm really really old.)