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Jan 23, 2008 10:09 PM

Mack Daddy's Review (Phoenix)

Tried out Mack Daddy's tonight after staying late at work. Bear with me please, I wasn't planning on writing a review but it's hard to stop at a few sentences.

Mack Daddy's is located on Indian School east of 32nd Street in the same small strip center as Newton Fitness. The interior is nicely and richly decorated in red suede walls, simple blond bistro tables and chairs, black granite countertops. There are several flat panel TVs all set on sports channels, they aren't intrusive and a larger TV over a small wine bar. It's billed as a 3-2 food restaurant which I can't explain except to say they don't cook with salt, preservatives, very little starch among other certainly healthy practices. A pamphlet on the counter details the owner's principles of fresh ingredients and cleanliness. Can't argue with that. The place was empty save a cook, a waiter and a customer waiting for his to-go order. The menu is all over and difficult to absorb, so I asked the waiter for suggestions. He said the ribs and the stir fry. I chose a half order of beef and broccoli stir fry. My total came to $11.91. Pretty pricey but I soon found out this place doesn't do cheap.

My dinner came out so hot I had to hold it by the bag handle as I walked to the car. About ten minutes later when I got home, the package was still hot. I was surprised to find the container neatly wrapped in brown tissue, and the container itself was not skimpy. The napkin and plastic utensils were also higher that average quality.

While I was there, the waiter realized the customer was actually waiting to eat there. The customer said he didn't need it plated but the waiter insisted. The way he said it left me thinking there were rules and the expectation that the rules are followed.

The stir fry itself is straightforward and simple. Bite size steak strips and broccoli with onion and shallots (guessing there). The broccoli was perfect with just enough spicy heat and flavor. The steak bites were juicy but could have had a little more salt. It's probably true that I've grown to accustomed to heavily salted foods, and I could easily adjust to this cooking without it. The half-order was perfect size for me, I'm not a a big meal eater.

The owner is Mack Newton and owns Newton Fitness. I called a fitness expert I know who said Mack "is the Michael Jordan of trainers." That explains a lot about the restaurant. Overall, my impression is that Mack Daddy's is quality health food targeted for athletes but pleasantly mainstream enough for people willing to pay the higher price. I'll try the ribs next time.

Mack Daddy's 32 Gourmet To Go
3243 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. 3-2 food consists of 3 things you can eat and two things you can drink. Protein, green vegetables, fruit, water and real fruit juice. Yur right they cook with no salt, sugar, or white flour. The quality is good, prices a tad high but if you want a healthy alternative and they do great take out, the food stays hot for almost an hour in there packaging. A lot of his fitness clients go to the restaurant. I like the honey creole ribs and the lime wings which are very spicey, also the salmon is very good. Extremely large portions for people who eat like athletes in training.

    1. We actually had lunch there this weekend as well. The food was great & left you feeling healthy but it seemed a bit pricey.

      We had the creole/honey glazed ribs, the jazzy burger, catfish nuggets, a side of baked brussel sprouts and a side of french fries. We all enjoyed them all.

      The ribs were great (even the wife who can't stand bbq sauce really liked them). The meat was tender & flavorful. It also came with homemade applesauce on the side which was nice - not too sweet. The jazzy burger comes wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of the normal bun (no white flour). Though it was labeled spicy, we didn't really detect much heat (and I'm a spice wimp to boot). A bit messy but good. It also came with brocolli that had been sauteed in sesame oil - nice. The catfish nuggets were awesome but the portion seemed a bit small. I had to ask to make sure we got the full order. Between the 2 of us & our 3 year old, we could have put down double the portion. Unfortunately our 3 year old was more than up to the task & there wasn't much left to share. It came with a great Louisiana style hot dipping sauce - you could definitely feel the heat here. The fries that came with were interestingly good. Not too greasy and I was able to keep putting them down in spite of the fact that there was no salt on them. We also ordered a side of the baked brussel sprouts which were wonderful. Kind of charred & just yummy.

      If it were a bit cheaper, this would be a normal lunch spot that we'd revisit over & over again. I think the check for the 3 of us came to $63 so that pushes it more into the occasional visit price range. I'd also love to sneak a salt shaker in there but I think I might get in trouble. : )

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      1. re: ccl1111

        you would definitely get in trouble for the salt shaker, somebody asked if that was okay and obviously the answer was no. enjoy the food for what it is, healthy!

        1. re: travelchow

          We did enjoy it for being healty. Have a family initiative to get healthier so that one of the reasons we stopped to try it.

          The salt coment was written in jest (though I can't deny the longing for a bit of sea salt over the fries & brussel sprouts did flash in my brain a time or two).

          : )

          1. re: ccl1111

            I understood the salt comment was in jest, I just know from Mack that he does not find it amusing.(Even if we might) He has more then once had turn people down when the question about bringing in salt came up. I have a hard time without sea salt also. I think I will try the catfish nuggets now after you mentioned them.

            1. re: travelchow

              Wow!! I love the dedication to health, but I cannot even imagine food being woth eating without salt. Especially items like french fries????

              I haven't been so I really have no room to comment, but yuck and no thanks is my first reaction.

                1. re: AguasFrescas

                  Exactly the image that flashed through my mind this morning. ;-)