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Where do I buy mini burger buns?

I'm hosting a party and want to make mini burgers, but I can't find mini buns. Do any of you know where I can get them? Thanks.

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  1. Some hounds have suggested using Kings Hawaiian dinner rolls.

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      That's what I do. Just be aware they're sweet.

      1. trader joe's carries a product called "silver dollar pull-apart rolls" that work very well for this. i only see them in my store sporadically, but i bet your manager could order them for you.

        1. Most markets sell 'brown 'n serve" dinner rolls that you just pop in the oven (usually same aisle selection as the sliced breads)... just slice them up to make mini burger buns.


          1. I don't know of any that you can get in super markets but maybe at some specialty shops such as Breadbar or Melrose Bakery??

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                No, it's Melrose Baking Company on Melrose -- sorry I don't have phone #

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                Melrose Baking Company definately has them. Go on their website and click on the "Wholesale" banner. Then just look under the Burger Buns. They have 3 or 4 different types. I haven't tried them yet, but I use a lot of their other breads and rolls and they are always terrific.

              3. We use the San Francisco brand sourdough rolls you can get at almost any supermarket. We like to toast them in the oven for a few minutes so the outside of the bun gets slightly crisp before slicing. They make a great mini-burger.

                1. Parker house rolls also work well.

                  I would go to Gelson's and see what Viktor Benes or the La BRea bakery rack has.

                  1. Ah, per google, Melrose Baking is part of Vienna Cafe. Never knew they had any retail business.

                    1. I found a recipe for making white castle burgers at home. It suggested using hotdog buns cut in half with the round edges cut off. Worked pretty well.

                      1. You just just use an appropriately sized, round cookie cutter on the regular buns you like. It's a little wasteful, I suppose, but if you want to use real buns instead of rolls, I think it will work.

                        1. Usually I also suggest the King's rolls, but when I was at Smart and Final the other day, I saw some dinner rolls that looked as if they would do the trick. Fresh and inexpensive and since you are hosting a party, not sure how many, but it may be a good source for you.

                          1. Would Hamburger Hamlet sell you some buns that they use for their sliders? Not highest quality, but right on...

                            Bristol Farms has em.

                            Alpha Baking www.alphabaking.com

                            1. Call Rockenwagner Bakery --310.578.8171 -- ordered from them a few months back. Just give them 24 hour notice. You can specify if you want a plain brioche mini burger bun or with sesame seeds. They also do their famous pretzel burger buns mini sized!

                              Just make sure you have cash when you pick-up -- last I was there they still weren't taking credit cards. You can also call 3 Square if you want to use a credit card -- just specify if you're picking up at 3 Square or at R bakery. Have a happy party!

                              1. If you're near OC, Katella Deli dinner rolls (egg) are perfect... round, golden brown and shiny topped. Delish and cheap to boot!

                                Katella Deli-Restaurant
                                4470 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720