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Jan 23, 2008 08:14 PM

Backal's named one of 10 best Westchester restaurants?

We just got our new issue of Westchester magazine and saw they named Backal's one of Westchester's best restaurants.

My wife and I were pretty stunned about that -- we don't know anybody who would remotely consider that honor to be true.

For some reason, the restaurant critics in Westchester love that place, but I never hear my neighbors and friends express that sentiment.

Backal's is like the restaurant version of a movie the critics love but the public doesn't feel the same way.

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  1. You may have noticed that many of the "top 10" are paid advertisers.

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      Folks, we'd love to hear your opinions on the chow at Backal's. However, if you'd like to discuss Westchester Magazine, please start a new thread on the Food Media & News board.

      Thanks for helping us keep this board focused on finding great chow.

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        I think it is very obvious that the point of my post was that Backal's was not worthy of this honor and not many people I know feel the same way. I do not think the essence of it is any different from when people very commonly post here and say they find food at a particular place disappointing despite what they've heard.Others should be free to agree or disagree. If you see the original post, this is definitely not meant to be a discussion of food media.

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          Since we did have to remove some off topic posts from this discussion, we wanted to help keep this discussion on track, and we hope people will continue to add their own opinions of the chow at Backal's.

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            I understand that policy as it concerns national or more widely read publications, but problems with Westchester magazine's reviews are of interest to reader's of the Tri-State board, much more so than people who read FM&N. A post on FM&N about an issue of Westchester Magazine would just get lost.

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              You are always welcome to post a "heads up"/pointer on the Tri-State board to the FM&N thread.

    2. I didn't think the food was anything special when I went. Decent enough, but not special.

      1. Thanks for posting that.........i just received my magazine and was all set to make a reservation.

        1. What were some of the other top restaurants? I haven't received my copy yet

          1. Let me throw a curve ball out there.

            Sunday brunch at Backals or Rubys in Rye.

            I've read all the info on both places. Both are close by. Both are available on Opentable. Backals has brunch seating at 1:00 vs Rubys at 2:00.


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              I'll start with the Sunday morning funny.

              Just after the table was cleared of the main brunch course, I was expecting a dessert menu. A few minutes go by, and the waiter brings to the table what looked like 1 dessert menu! You can imagine my shock when it was the bill!

              We all looked at each other and laughed. Nice way to save a few bucks. I did mention this to the manager on the way out.

              Now for the review. Eight of us arrived at 12:30 for brunch/lunch.

              Pretty room. Fireplace going. We sat in the dining room as you enter.
              My nephew decided to order the pizza as an appetizer. It was thin crust. I looked forward to tasting it; but after one bite, I put it down. This tasted more like a local slice of greasy pizza, then a 'speciality' pizza.

              I enjoyed the hugh burger, that came with fries and carmelized onions on a brioche bun. Some of our group ordered the eggs/bacon/french toast combo. The bacon was tasty. My son enjoyed the crab cake sandwich. My nephew enjoyed the pasta with meat sauce combo. Forget the name.
              My wife wasn't happy with the Turkish breakfast which consisted of hummus, pita slices, and other related items. Very small portion.

              I ordered a New Zealand beer on tap, which was flat. The replaced Stella was just fine.

              I thought they had a decent, but small and affordable wine list. Reds from the $40's, and whites form the $30's and up. Half-bottles available.

              I'd go back for the burger; and maybe to try dessert next time.

              The service was painfully slow today. Thank goodness that didn't charge us the 20% service for our large party.

              JF, a good brunch place for the 4 of us to head to.


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                You would go back? Why? You can get a burger at Blazer and dessert at LuLu. This place sounds forgettable.