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Jan 23, 2008 08:12 PM

Cake or cookies using scotch

I have a scottish-themed party to attend this Saturday night, and would like to bring a cake or cookies as a hostess gift. As the primary goodies will be haggis and scotch, I'd love to bring a recipe that uses scotch in it. I did see a recipe for a chocolate-whiskey bundt cake on epicurious ( http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... ), but not knowing much about alcohols, I don't know if a scotch would be be an acceptable substitute for the listed "American whiskey." A plus for that recipe, though, is that I can make it on Friday when I have more free time. Cookies might also be more easily transported, too.

So, does anyone have any good recipes for a cake or cookies that use scotch as an ingredient? Or some other tasty Scottish-y cake/cookie (ie not dry shortbread)?

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  1. I've made that very cake and can assure you it's delicious. I can think of no reason why it wouldn't be every bit as good with Scotch whisky.

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      Me too. I make a similar cake but the first time I left the electric oven on preheat and burned the top a little. Husband renamed it "Irish Coalminer Cake" because I use Irish whisky.

      I also always marinade my steaks in either bourbon or American whiskey, or scotch, whatever I grab first, not that they're exactly the same but definitely interchangable.

      I'm thinking anything with oatmeal would be sort of Scottish.

    2. Alternatively, you could go for Tipsy Laird -- a trifle made with scotch whisky.

      1. I often use bourbon or scotch in cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies or even butterSCOTCH cookies-get it?
        And you could make a delicious butterscotch pot de creme with brown sugar and a nice single malt scotch. All easy to do ahead of time.

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          Alcohols can very easily be swapped out in baked goods, as long as the PH doesn't vary drastically. If the alcohol is used after baking, price and your imagination are the only limit.

          I have even made Tiramisu with bourbon is place of the espresso. Its a bit stronger, and I would not serve it to kids, but I prefer the flavor. A Crème anglaise is a natural place for a bit of bourbon/ scotch/whiskey flavor.

          I would not use the most inexpensive stuff, but I also would not use a expensive smoky single malt in these applications, as the other flavors will not blend harmoniously.

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            Kelli2006, thanks for the alcohol advice! Since I have a limited range of experience with different types, I never really know what I'm talking about. I bought Dewar's White Label scotch--do you think that it would blend okay?

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              That would be my choice. Its a blended product with no strong flavors that stand out above another. I rarely spend more than $20.00 a bottle if I am going to put it in a recipe.

              You can call me Kelli. I only registered with the 2006, because Kelli was already taken.

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            Rabaja, do you have a recipe for butterscotch cookies that you prefer? The only ones I've found online seem to use butterscotch-flavored chips as opposed to actual butter and scotch!

            I'm starting to lean towards the chocolate-whiskey cake AND butterscotch cookies--the more sweets, the better in my book! :)

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              Another Scottish dessert made with whisky is Crannachan - which contains whisky, oats, honey and raspberries. You can find the recipe at