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Jan 23, 2008 08:04 PM

Pat O'Briens Hurricane Mix in Seattle?

Anyone know where to purchase this? I'm trying to plan for a party to celebrate carnival. While I'm at it, any tips on local outlets for appropriate decorations and favors or specialty ingredients for cajun and creole party treats would be most appreciated. Without any leads, its about time to order online. Thank you.

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  1. I just saw this on Monday at one of the kitchen stores at the Tulalip Outlet Mall. It's the store that sells all the food stuff and has samples out all the time. Maybe the North Bend Outlet Mall has the same store.........

    Display and Costume is where I go for party decorations. They have everything.

    1. For decorations you need purple, green and gold decorations.
      Beads, funny hats... why not have a costume party?

      You need to make a King Cake - many recipes on the web.

      In regards to Hurricanes, the secret flavor is passion fruit and taste very similar to Hawaiian Punch. Although, I haven't had Hawaiian Punch in over 20 years. lol. Besides put enough rum it all taste great!

      1. I've seen it at Cost Plus World Market a few times. I'm not sure if they always carry it though.