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Jan 23, 2008 07:46 PM

Koto Sushi on 6th Ave & Flatbush

New place in my neighborhood-- wondered if anyone's been yet?

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  1. I live above it - It hasn't opened yet (but should be opening next weekend). There are egregious typos on their menu and a sushi place that has fried chicken as one of its offerings scares me.

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    1. re: pauvrelapin

      Anyone tried it yet? I walked by yesterday afternoon and saw one of the sushi chefs pressed up against the window, staring out at the streets. It broke my heart, but not quite enough to choose it over Taro.

      1. re: pauvrelapin

        Tatsuta age (fried chicken) is pretty common on a sushi menu if the restaurant serves cooked food.

      2. We've ordered from Koto a few times and finally wandered in for dinner the other night. We are fans of Taro, but are now torn between these two, as both are very good. Taro is clearly the more adventurous, but Koto wins in terms of underdog charm. We walked in - my sons (6 and 8) and I - and the owners immediately recognized us from our deliveries (it is a simple operation at this point, and one of the chefs sometimes delivers). They treated us to Toro and Conch on the house, and were very attentive. The fish is fresh, the chicken katsu (a traditional fried chicken cutlet) lightly and delicately fried.

        It is worth patronizing -- a great alternative to Geido (on Flatbush, doesn't deliver) and Taro (on Dean, delivery is slow).

        1. It's owned by a sushi chef who use to work at Taro. It just goes to show why an employer should put a "no compete" clause in a contract.

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            Why? Because between the two of them are they the only sushi places in the area? That's a pretty odd statement to make about a sushi chef starting his own sushi restaurant. The restaurant business was built on chefs working their way up and then setting out to open their own place. A sushi chef being a highly specialized area, of course he's going to open a sushi restaurant -- not too many sushi chefs run off and open Mexican restaurants when they leave.

            1. re: Nehna

              It's a business decision. You don't want someone who has learned under you to open so close to you after he or she quits. You have to protect yourself and your business. From what I understand it's a common practice among high end chefs and other business' for that matter. You don't think Stone Park or Applewood has a clause like that in their contracts? I'm not saying they do but I'd be surprised if they didn't.

              1. re: bigmackdaddy

                I hardly think that either Taro or Koto qualifies as the sort of high-end restaurant that can impose a noncompete on its employees.

                That said, we've gone back to Koto every week for the past month or so and have really enjoyed it. Masa (the owner) works hard to get quality fish, and we've had some delightful sashimi and sushi, usually at Masa's recommendation. His mackerel sashimi is really terrific. And I've had some awesome scallop sashimi. I do love the neighborhood, familial atmosphere (Masa and his wife Mandy are really lovely). So we keep going back.

          2. havent been to koto but once taro moved in, i stopped going to geido completely. 3 great sushi joints in a 3 block radius is a bit nuts no?

            that said, i left park slope 6 months ago and went to taro last week before seeing a show at southpaw. the fish was quality still but the rice was abysmal and fell apart nearly every time i picked it up. i didnt recognize any of the chefs.

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            1. re: sam1

              I am really into koto. love the fact that they are the "underdog" type in the hood. I have been ordering in, or going in about once a week since the beggining of summer. i have not had a bad meal. i try all of the chefs suggestions. its always quiet(noise-wise) inside, so the chefs always down to talk. love that .

              1. re: jamestown

                do they offer cooked dishes in addition to sushi?

                1. re: jen kalb

                  How does it rate to Taro and Geido? To me Geido is more welcoming with great kitchen items and Taro has superb fish selection and quality.

            2. I walked past Koto last weekend--it was completely empty at 8:30 on a Friday night. This place has been getting some decent reviews, so I ordered delivery from them last night. The food was extremely good--we had the sushi for two, which was reasonably priced, the fish very fresh, and the portion just right. The food was cheaper and better than most of the sushi I've had in the neighborhood recently. I don't know if it's better than Taro, but I'll make Koto my go-to spot for delivery. This place really deserves a bump in business!