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Jan 23, 2008 07:29 PM

ISO: Heirloom Beans In Toronto?

I'm on the hunt for heirloom beans, either located in Toronto, or online somewhere that ships to Toronto.

In the February issue of Domino magazine there is a recipe for chili that calls for heirloom beans that are available from this emporium called (which looks fabulous!), but unfortunately does not ship to Canada. :(

Any ideas? Really I'll try any kind of bean...looking for new varieties of heirlooms.

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    1. I checked out the Rancho Gordo site - WOW - I want everything!!!!! I wished they shipped to Canada!!

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      1. re: bigos70

        I just put in an order via my aunt & uncle who live in Phoenix, AZ - they're going to ship it to me as a gift afterwards (I checked with customs and shipping dried beans across the border is copasetic). I CANNOT WAIT!

        I'm going to check out eBay & saltspringseeds now...thanks for the recommendations!