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ISO: Heirloom Beans In Toronto?

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I'm on the hunt for heirloom beans, either located in Toronto, or online somewhere that ships to Toronto.

In the February issue of Domino magazine there is a recipe for chili that calls for heirloom beans that are available from this emporium called www.ranchogordo.com (which looks fabulous!), but unfortunately does not ship to Canada. :(

Any ideas? Really I'll try any kind of bean...looking for new varieties of heirlooms.

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    1. I checked out the Rancho Gordo site - WOW - I want everything!!!!! I wished they shipped to Canada!!

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        I just put in an order via my aunt & uncle who live in Phoenix, AZ - they're going to ship it to me as a gift afterwards (I checked with customs and shipping dried beans across the border is copasetic). I CANNOT WAIT!

        I'm going to check out eBay & saltspringseeds now...thanks for the recommendations!