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Aug 17, 2001 03:23 AM

Name this Steak house

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About ten years ago I went to the LA County Fair in Pomona with a group of people. We decided not to eat dinner at the overpriced fair so we went to a nice steakhouse near the Fairgounds that somebody in our group heard about.

Great prices and steaks were just right. The one thing I remember most is this place had a whole bunch of cut off ties hanging on the wall. I didn't bother asking why those neckties are there but it was interesting.

I don't see or talk to most of the people from that group so I hope somebody on this board can help me with the name of this place.

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  1. k
    Kriss Reed, Anaheim

    You were at the San Dimas branch. They also have one in Garden Grove at 9100 Trask Ave, right next to the 22 Fwy. There are probably others, I imagine. Good, basic steak and fixins for a decent value, and a great place to lose those ties clogging your rack. FWIW, a very family-friendly place, to boot.