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Jan 23, 2008 07:20 PM

Stella! Menu Offline...Help!

I'm having dinner at Stella! tomorrow night and I'm trying to plan what I want to order. For the past few weeks, I have checked the restaurant website for the menu, but it is under construction.

I see that many people on the forum have mentioned the gnocchi, the risotto, Iron Chef prawns, and the Duck Five Ways.

I want to get the tasting menu, but I don't think my whole group will go for it. So, what are the best dishes? I think I'll be ordering an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

I'm kind of leaning toward the gnocchi and the Duck Five Ways.

Suggestions, please...

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  1. First take a deep breath, I am sure they will give you a menu there. Secondly, the duck dish is pretty good. I wasn't blown over by it, but different components of it were exceptionally good. The gnocchi app is very good. I thought the prawns were okay. The cheese plate is very good for dessert. I had the chocolate grilled cheese which I really enjoyed but not too many people did; it was very good paired with a basil hayden's. Hope you have a good time and pretty much anything you get will be good, so don't fret!!

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      Yes, pretty much anything will be good. My wife and I were there two weeks ago. The gnocchi was very good. I am of the belief that the 5 ways is the best duck dish in town (although I haven't had the duck at Brigsten's yet), particulary the foie gras won tons (wow!). My wife had the scallops, and they were also terrific. We almost got the cheese plate, and I kinda regret we didn't. Although the competition is fierce, I think I'd vote Stella! as the best restaurant in the city right now.

    2. For the apps, the veal/shrimp wontons are great. The gnocchi app is surreal. The best two entrees were the lamb 2 ways and the sea bass. I think the sea bass was actually the best thing I tasted. Miso/sake marinated in a shark fin, lobster and crab broth with green tea soba noodles. Unreal dish. The duck 5 ways was very nice as well.

      Get the banana foster french toast dessert. WOW.

      1. I had the porcini encrusted veal tenderloins a couple of weeks ago and consider it one of the finest meals I've ever eaten. Wife loved the Hawaiian Walu.