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Jan 23, 2008 07:04 PM

free train to flushing's chinatown from penn station

for the next 3 weekends, the long island railroad (lirr) is running a free train from penn station in manhattan to flushing's, queens c-town, due to track work on the 7 subway. flushing's c-town has more of a taiwanese and korean influence compared to manhattan's c-town. the train, like the 7 subway, stops in the heart of flushing's c-town, for all intents and purposes, equidistant to everything.

a trip last sunday took 20 minutes, approximately half the 7 subway time. no metro card is necessary. just go to the lower level of penn station, look for the lirr tv with the track postings (track 20 on sunday afternoon), and hop on. trains are supposed to be running every 15 minutes. going out to flushing around 4:30p, the train was empty. comming back around 6:30, the train was probably 1/3 full. as an added bonus, the only stop between manhattan and flushing is woodside/61st, not far from sripraphai thai restaurant.

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  1. omg! thank you for the information!

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    1. re: DarthEater

      How about from Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn? I would guess it would be free going and coming from there as well, no?

      1. re: funkjester

        I don't think any train from Flatbush goes to Flushing does it - that's just the Port Washington line trains? Isn't the last stop where they cross paths Woodside?

        FWIW, it looks like work went faster than expected and this is the last free weekend !

    2. *high five*
      i think that might actually move me to haul my lazy, commute-a-phobic behind out to flushing!

      1. Of course it's only free going one way (Manhattan to Flushing).

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        1. re: Chandavkl

          but the other direction would qualify for the "city ticket" on the weekends, right? (the lirr or metronorth $3 ticket anywhere within the city -- would that be cheaper than the normal lirr fare from flushing to manhattan?) Just curious as I might get motivated to get out there myself. :)

          1. re: LNG212

            I took it last weekend and it was free both ways.

        2. Thanks for letting us know. I picture dim sum in Flushing in my near future.