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Jan 23, 2008 06:57 PM

need something quick at 2PM at Union Sq. tomorrow (Thurs.)

Meeting a friend for an early movie showing at Union Square that lets out at 2PM. I have to be home to pick up my son from daycare at 4PM.

--need something quick (could be a sandwich, could be soup, could be a lunch salad);
--need a place quiet enough for the friend and I to discuss the film we'll just have seen (for what it's worth, THERE WILL BE BLOOD);
--need something with tables so we actually can sit;
--need something more than a bakery or a Au Bon Pain kind of place since the film is 3 hours and we'll be lunch-hungry by the time it lets out.

Any suggestions?


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  1. There is a Cosi across the street - not much better than ABP, but there are tables with wait service. Max Brenner is next door but it is loud, noisy, and the service is lousy. On University (one block west) there are lots of little restaurants that have fast service - University Diner, The Grey Dog (I haven't been to this location yet, but the village shop has good sandwiches), L'annan, News Bar (not a restaurant, per se, but they have some soups and sandwiches and lots of sweets). I love Japonica, also on University, but it may not be quick enough.

    1. u will have much to talk about after seeing THERE WILL BE BLOOD. go to the Coffee Shop and sit at the bar (its more like a long table than a bar) eating within your time frame and talking about the movie shud easily happen. very partial to the sashimi salad there. also chat & chew is great(that kinda fits your plans doesn't it?, chatting & chewing). enjoy!

      1. Try Republic. By 2pm the NYUsters should be mostly cleared out and your shared table might be your own. Quick service, decent food, in and out!

        1. coffee shop and republic are both great ideas. if you go down university you will hit a slew of restaurants. there is a patsys, a mexican joint, i think there is a spice and a few other spots as well. you could also walk up park, there a few spots like l'express & dukes.