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Aug 16, 2001 07:33 PM

This board

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I post or just lurk on a few message boards. I have found one message board that allows you to click onto the Thread Topic to read all replies. This is much easier to navigate than this board. Another one allows when clicking onto the Thread Topic links to ALL replies.

Understand I am in no way saying anything bad about the content of the board. It's a great help. But trying to read all the posts like my Soul Food post gets a little bothersome.

I hope the webmaster will look into changing to either one of those two ways. Thanks

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    Long Beach Larry

    Has anyone perused What an elegant message board! You can see the opening comment, the following thread, and the actual writings. I also appreciate the fact that the people on that board change their topic line after the thread has been started so you can follow their train of thought. There is also the "etiquette" that an entire comment in the topic line might end with an so the reader knows that there is nothing else to read other than that one sentence.

    1. I agree that, although this is my favorite site on the internet, it could always be better. However, there is a separate board as part of for this kind of discussion. I suggest that you check it out.