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Jan 23, 2008 06:04 PM

Jfood Tries Michele's Pies in Norwalk

A new pie bakery opened yesterday in Norwalk on Route 7, Michele's Pies. It is located in the same strip mall as Leitizias, next to the Chinese restaurant. So jfood detoured on the way home to pick up and try. He bought two small pies, one apple crumb and the other blue/blackberry crumb. They sell for $7-7.50 each.

The crust is a nice flaky crust and not too sweet, not too buttry, not too lardy. The crumb topping was not very sweet and was fairly thick on the small pies.

The fillings - the blue/blackberry was excellent. She allowed the flavors of the fruit to come through. jfood only wishes there was more filling and that can be accomplished with the bigger size. The apple pie was not jfood's favorite. He thinks the pie had a little too much allspice and overwhelmed the apples which were chunky and still nicely firm. Jfood really liked the texture but not as crazy about the flavor of the spices in the apple.

Jfood would also suggest the bigger pies (~$20) because the filling to topping ration will probably be better than the smaller version.

So for Day 2 Jfood is happy to have a new bakery up the street fromhis office for that fix. She also has the beginning of a website

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My wife picked up the small blueberry pie yesterday. The filling was very good with lots of flavor. The crust (not crumb) was also very good. The small pie will provide 2-3 servings. I hope they are successful. This area needs a good bakery.

        1. As dukegirl mentioned in the other post...Michele's chocolate pecan pie is to die for...I tried the chocolate bourbon pecan pie over the Fourth and could not stop eating it (not unnoticed by fellow guests).