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Jan 23, 2008 05:53 PM

Tito's Vodka

can anyone suggest where to find this, preferably at a decent price? really great, really smooth, great right from the freezer. Can be in manhattan, queens, brooklyn. thanks!

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  1. There's a boutique wine store in the financial district that carries it. I forget what it's called but I do know that it's in the basement of the building that houses Pound & Pence.

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      1. re: mkerekes

        Yep! That's it.

        Thanks. Can't believe I couldn't remember the name especially after having been there just a few days earlier. Must be all the booze I've been drinking.

      1. thanks for the tips all; found it for an excellent price at Warehouse Liquors on Broadway near Astor. $19.99 for the 750ml but an amazing $25.99 for the handle. happy drinking!

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        1. re: bigjeff

          Yup, the Warehouse is the gold standard in Manhattan for price and selection!

          1. Very large liquor store at 67th-ish and Bay Parkway, Brooklyn