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Jan 23, 2008 05:52 PM

I used 4 day old ground beef/pork in my ragu - am I screwed?

Halfway through the simmering of my bolognese sauce, I realized that the beef and pork in there had spent 4 days in my refrigerator, not 2. They both smelled ok raw, a bit rich perhaps, but not foul. They were a bit dry. I realize that the guidelines are 1-2 days refrigerated for ground meat, anyone tested the waters beyond that and survived unscathed? I figure the stuff cooks for 3-4 hours so if anything grew in the meat it's gonna be dead by the end. Or am I nuts?

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  1. Did you keep the ground meat in the meatkeeper section of your fridge? I hate to admit this, but I just made spaghetti sauce with 5-day old ground meat. We've eaten the sauce twice with no ill effect. Actually, the meat was cooked on the 5th day.

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      I dont have a meatkeeper section, so I put it in the back of the fridge where it's coldest. It was pretty hard and cold when I pulled it out.

    2. It's fine. Don't worry 'bout it....

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        The guidelines are for hamburgers or meatballs. Unless it was really starting to go off, making rag├╣ will kill just about anything.

      2. If it didn't smell, then it should be fine

        1. I would think that you'd be absolutely fine enjoying your ragu. If it smelled good, especially. Four days isn't that long, is it? I must test the waters of food-borne illness on a weekly basis.

          1. The germs that will hurt you if present will be killed off with cooking. These germs don't cause off odors that come from decay. If it smelled fine then all is well