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Jan 23, 2008 05:36 PM

How do I clean my new stainless cookware? It wont come clean...

I just got a new stainless clad cookware set with a nice shiny stainless interior. I really dont know how to clean it. I have tried hot soapy water and a sponge and it kind of works, but is tough. I cooked a quesadilla with spray oil and the pan is tainted brown now. I tried soaking it in soapy water with NO luck at all. I have bits of crusties that wont come off too. I dont want to get out a scour pad....i fear of thrashing the inside of my new pans.

How do you guys do this on a daily basis?


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  1. Scour pad. your pans are never really going to look out-of-box-new once they are being used.

    Immediately after you finish cooking, you can soak it in hot water (or boil water in the pan) and scrub it, so things won't stick. You can also try using BonAmi cleaner; you'll still have to scrub for the really bad stuff, but it'll also polish it a little for looks.

    1. I agree. Soak immediately after cooking. For your new pans you need Brillo pads and Cameo powder cleaner. I use the powder cleaner for the bottoms of my pans. I have a theory that when the bottoms turn brown, the pan dosen't conduct heat as evenly. For the insides, use a Brillo. If you want, you can scour down, then dishwash.

      When you really have a bad, burned place on your pan, you can try boiling water and a little dishwasher detergent. (It smells bad; put your canary out on the back porch.) You don't have to boil it too long. Just long enough to loosen the bad stuff. Dump the awful stuff down the drain, and then scour. Hope this helps!

      1. If you can't get it out easily with hot soapy water and then Bar Keepers Friend cleanser I would then try the soak method. Fill with water and bring to boil. Let sit overnight then re-clean. I'm amazed at what the soaking method will remove. The next morning it just falls off. Another product to try is Dawn Power Dissolver. Spray on and let it sit for 10-15 min then clean and use BKF if needed. If you want to protect the mirror finish Brillo may be too abrasive.

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          I like BKF, but if they are really stained, you can make a slurry of cream or tartar and let it sit overnite.

          I have used aerosol oven cleaner, but it is a last resort.

        2. I would also avoid spray oil from a can in the future, what turns brown is the propellant burning.

          if you want the convenience of pam, but something better, buy a oil sprayer which you give a quick pump, and it sprays like an aerosol, you can use olive, or vegetable oil in it.

          Also to prevent sticking, preheat your pan (usually no higher than medium, clad pans almost never need higher heat, except to boil water, higher heat will often discolor a stainless pan) then add oil or butter then food, this usually works like a charm.


          1. Bar Keepers Friend and a Dobie pad will more than likely do the trick.



            I'd wait until my stainless cooled before I put cold water in it or plunged it into the sink. It could possibly warp if it's too hot.