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Jan 23, 2008 05:20 PM

San Diego shrimp noodles?

Anybody have a lead on where I can buy some good shrimp noodles? I don't like the cheap ones available at Ranch 99 market. They use to have decent ones but now all they have is the cheap $2 bags with 6 inside.

Last time I went to San Francisco's Chinatown I found some really awesome shrimp noodles. They came in a really nice box and the brand was Sau Tao.

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  1. If Ranch 99 doesn't work for you then try Lucky Seafood (Chinese supermarket)), Vien Dong (Vietnamese supermarket), Mitsuwa (Japanese supermarket), First Korean Market (name says it all), Zion (pan-Asian), or Seafood City (Phillipino supermarket). If that doesn't work then my suggestion is to try one of the many smaller Asian markets around convoy. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks! I'll check those out next time I'm in the area.