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Jan 23, 2008 05:01 PM

Milled Flax Seed

After thinking about this, I realize how silly this might sound. However, I have a question about storing Flax Seed that someone might be able to help me with! I was going to put some flax seed on my yogurt when I realized the box said "Refrigerate after opening"... my box has been sitting in my pantry for a good month or two. Should I throw this out? I guess we learn from our mistakes. :(

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  1. Erin, TASTE your flax seed. Does it taste fresh and nutty? Or does it taste rancid and old? There's your answer. In future, use it more and refrigerate. (Not a silly question at all :-) )

    1. Hmm, I question the need to refrigerate. When I buy mine in the store, it's been on the shelf, why not mine? Mind you, I only buy a pound at a time and use a tablespoon a day.


      ... wait, are you buying it pre-milled? Oooh, yes, then I would. I read somewhere that the oil really MUST go in the fridge and the pre-milled SHOULD go in the fridge.

      I buy the whole seed, grind it in basic coffee grinder (I have two, one dedicated to spices, the other dedicated to coffee). If you don't want to grind your own, follow Cay's advice: try it. if it's bad, you'll know (happened to me and soy sauce). Then next time, remember to keep it in the fridge. I did this by STARTING with the product in the fridge, so i would remember to put it back there when done.