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Jan 23, 2008 04:56 PM

recs for dinner & drinks for a nice ladies night out in Santa Barbara

hi all!

i'm coming from boston the first weekend of march for a bachelorette party. we're staying at the Franciscan Inn. from their site it looks like the hotel is close to the 101, on the ocean side near West Beach. i don't know the area at all so hopefully this makes sense! here's the link i'm looking at

it will be a large group, around 12 people at most. we're looking for somewhere that is low to moderately priced, with good vegetarian options (the bachelorette is a vegetarian), fun atmosphere, and appropriate for a low-key, civilized celebration (i.e. no penis paraphenalia involved).

i hope there are places nearby that fit the bill.

thanks so much!!

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  1. The restaurants down in that area tend to be more "touristy" than anything, so you will probably have to go a little "further" out. However, there is a good small Italian restaurant, Emilio's down near the hotel.

    For Vegetarian, you should visit "The Soj" (Soujourner Cafe) a mainstay of the city for decades. I don't know if it's big enough for 12 though. (Not many places in Santa Barbara ARE that big....) Spiritland Bistro would be delightful, albeit small.

    Epiphany is a lovely restaurant with a moderately priced menu with some mean martinis.

    Stella Mare's has a romantic feel and lovely ambience. Nicely priced menu.

    A hidden little jewel in town is Cafe Zaytoon, for Middle Eastern Food.

    Down near the beach is Fresco at the Beach in the Santa Barbara Inn.

    1. I'll second Emilio's and Stella Mares, but not Epiphany - had a taster's dinner there and was very unimpressed. Some showy, but exceedingly common food. No culinary inspiration at all.

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        I don't think the poster is looking for "culinary inspiration", but rather a place for decent food, decent price and a good ambience.