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valentine's dinner on long island

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Hi Everyone,

I live in Massapequa and am looking for a new, romantic restaurant to try for Valentine's Day.

I wonder if anyone could give me feedback on these places or offer new suggestions?

-La Pace in Glen Cove
-Brivo in East Hills
-Jonathan's in Huntington
-Novita in Garden City


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  1. I haven't tried the last two....and the first two have been recently transformed/changed, and haven't tried them since. You should make a reservation fast...2/14 is getting close!

    1. Jonathan's definitely has the atmosphere and the service. I enjoy their regular menu, but I have no idea if they are offering that or a "special" valentine's day menu instead.

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        thanks everyone..yeah i have reservations at novita and la pace for now..i might give jonathans a call as well..i wish i knew more about la pace..i think it might end up being kinda old fashioned? im not sure :(

        1. My boyfriend and I have gone to Novita many times. We love it for their atmosphere (good date spot), wine and food. If we can't decide what wine to have, they always let us sample (or just ask) so I'm sure to have a glass of something I like. The food is very good and in large portions. The last time I ordered, my appetizer salad could have been an entree and I ended up bringing most of my pork chops home.

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            I second Novita. We also dine there frequently and jauyeung echoed our experience. If no res. available for VD day be sure try another time.
            It never disappoints.

          2. I went to Brivo recently. Liked it fine, but didn't love it. Very pretty setting, but I thought the food was way overpriced for what it was. It was good, but not memorably so, and for the price of my zuppa di pesce, it had way too high a proportion of mussels. Service was excellent at the outset of the meal, then totally disintegrated. Try as we might to request the check, our waiter refused to make eye contact.

            It was one of those places where I enjoyed my meal enough, but was very glad at the end that someone else was paying for it.

            1. If you are looking for a younger crowd, great atmosphere go with Novita. They have great food and wine too!

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                Seems like Novita is the favorite. I think we will end up going there. I wish someone had input about La Pace because they are having live entertainment that evening. I guess it might end up being kinda corny though?