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Jan 23, 2008 04:48 PM

New, upscale LA restaurants?

I'm looking for something new. I've been to the Providence, Grace, Hatfields, Valtentino, Campanile, Water Grill, Josie, Joe's, Bastide, etc. etc. restaurants already. And I love the smaller joints, the bistros, the ethnic places, and the various dives, but that's not what I'm after right now.

I don't always keep up with the new openings, so tell me where to try!

A good-to-great wine list is a plus.

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  1. Let's just cut to the chase. Have you been to Urasawa? If not then it should be your first stop on your quest for the Holy Quail.

    1. Depending how "new" we're talking, some recent noteworthy entries have been:

      Comme Ca
      The Foundry
      All' Angelo

      And obviously Osteria Mozza

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      1. re: wutzizname

        Fraiche - check
        Foundry - check
        All' Angelo - check

        Have not been to Comme Ca, Osteria Mozza or Urasawa.

        Is Urasawa a straight up great sushi bar, a la Nozawa? Or do they offer things with a twist and a good wine list to go with it?

        Any idea about the wine lists at Comme Ca or Osteria Mozza?

          1. re: fdb

            oh my. that's great. even a shot of the wine list! thanks!

            1. re: OliveBelle

              I also notice you didn't mention La Botte. Well worth a visit if you haven't been!

      2. Il Grano, Orris, Kumo, Craft... a few more. Akasha in Culver City will be opening soon. Went to the restaurant launch party and food was wonderful.

        1. have u tried... melisse, jiraffe, CUT, jar, la cachette, the little door, spago, sona, ortolan?? altho i don't particularly care for ortolan and sona.

          1. Gordon Ramsay is slated to open in April.