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Jan 23, 2008 04:23 PM

Terroir - Longmont, CO

I made a brief mention of this restaurant in another thread, but after lunch today I decided it needs a thread of its own!
Its a new american, local ingredients, changing menu kind of place. Terroir just opened this month so they have a few kinks to work out and are a little on the empty side right now. They are on the south end of main street in the place formerly occupied by Storeyville. Both times I have gone for lunch and had the fresh pasta special of the day.
The first was linguine (sp?) with duck confit. I love fresh pasta and duck so this was a no brainer for me, and the chef really came through. The duck and sauce were rich and garlicky, there was some bitter greens to cut the richness, and the pasta was the perfect tender background. It came with my choice of side and I had the chipotle polenta fries. They were crispy outside, creamy hot and spicy inside and served with a lemon aoili that went along nicely. I was also served a nice bread basket with olive oil and balsamic reduction. ll of that and my bill (with 20% tip) was $10.50!!
That was last saturday and the meal was so good that I went back today! The menu was slightly different today. I, and two of my companions had the pasta special again. This time it was fettucine with steak and white and green asparagus. Again, delicious! The pieces of steak were very tender and the asparagus crunchy and flavorful. I had warm applesauce and others had a spinach salad and a fingerling potato salad. The forth person in our party had a scallop dish with orange jicama salad and a corn cake and he raved about the scallops. Again the bill for the four of us totaled $45 and we left very satisfied!
There are many more things on the menu I'm dying to try: pizzas, gnocchi, pork tenderloin sandwich....they also have some wine flights that are only $9 for 3 different wines. I promise I don't work for these people, but I'm sure glad they came to Longmont!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. It's now on the list.

    1. I went into Terroir for dinner last night. It was my second try since the last time I was in town, they had a private party and were closed to the public.

      The decor and ambience were good. They were about half full, which on a Monday night at their price point in Longmont is doing pretty well.

      I really want the owners to do well. They are Missouri transplants and very likeable. The problem is that the food didn't wow me. I was hoping to list the items and my issues in the spirit of constructive criticism.

      I went for a mostly appetizer approach. I had the Polenta Fingers with a lemon aioli. Fingers were alright and I give them props for putting them on the menu, but I think I make better at home. The aioli was bland almost like an egg custard, without the ending tang of an aioli. The shrimp with chile was tame and the shrimp while of good texture had the flavor of long frozen shrimp. I guess the shrimp vendors don't do so well in Longmont. The ocean is a far piece.

      My favorites were the gnocci and the Goat Cheese Souffle. They use the local, and I mean local to Longmont, Haystack cheese which is terrific and make a little cheesy biscuit with it. It was tasty but I was expecting a bit more flair in the presentation. I would probably go back for another try but mostly because of the ambience, the staff and the scarcity of fine dining options in Longmont.

      I was actually pleasantly surprised at lunchtime by the Bear Rock Cafe in Longmont on Hover. Apparently they started roasting their own lunch meats from Scratch and baking their breads from a new recipe. My poorly named "Hoot Owl" sandwich was super fresh and tasty and not hard on the wallet. I wasn't that hungry but I scarfed down the whole turkey sandwich in a few minutes.