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Jan 23, 2008 04:19 PM

Berkeley Church -- what's the food like?

Am considering Berkeley Church or the adjacent Field House for a wedding reception. Has anyone hosted and/or been to an event there? Any comments re the quality of the food, decor and/or service would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I'm also considering this venue but have no clue about food quality etc. Anyone?????

    1. I believe the "in house catering" is done by Daniel et Daniel. You'd have to check with them and/or the Church to confirm, but see this:

      If it is still them, quality is superb, and you will have a blast. Have always heard great things about the Church, just be on the lookout for parking in the area; you might wanna consider employing valet pkg for your event.

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        When we checked out the BC, they told us that they now do their catering in-house (though some of the caterers still have their name on their websites).

      2. I would love it if it were Daniel et Daniel but torontofoodiegirl is right - its in house catering. Thanks for replying that it was a good time. Has anyone heard differently or could give suggestions???

        1. We went to a party there and I have to admit the food was very average. They aimed high and it tasted fine but nothing spectacular, in fact I can't even remember what i had which is a very BAD sign. The catering was done in house.

          It's an interesting place for an event, but needs a lot of upgrades for decor. And the washrooms are very far from the main dining room which is difficult if you are having anyone who is older and has trouble with stairs.

          1. I'm also in the same situation. Considering the Berkeley for a wedding. Has anyone come up with any new info on the food quality? The place also looked a bit dirty, so I'm wondering if anyone has seen it when decorated for a more formal event. Does it clean up nicely?