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Jan 23, 2008 03:24 PM

Food and Fun by the Sheraton

I'm familiar with Seattle (as are most SE Alaska folks since we have to go there to get anywhere else) but its been awhile since I've done much in the downtown area so am looking to fellow CHs for some fresh advice. Here's the scenario - one nite at the Sheraton arriving about 7pm, one friend with limited walking ability, taxis are always a good option, nothing super formal/fancy. Where would you go for dinner and maybe some good music?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. As you seem to appreciate champagne and other libations, you might enjoy stopping first at Vessel bar (1 block west and 1 block south of the Sheraton) to peruse their cocktails (and maybe taste their mac 'n cheese) then take a taxi a few blocks north to Barolo for either their bar menu (if you can get a seat) or dinner menu

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        I'm not terribly picky - jazz, pop, rock, country. Not too much into rap or hip hop.

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          Here are a few clubs you may want to check out: Triple Door, Showbox, Neumo's, Tractor Tavern, Jazz Alley, Tula's and The Moore. The Triple Door and Jazz Alley are going to be on the more fancy end of the spectrum. The Triple Door and Showbox are both 5 or 6 short blocks from the Sheraton and both are close to Union, where you could go for a bite after the show.

      2. Folks - please keep the discussion here focused on chow. Clubs and music venues, without discussion of the chow there, are off topic for this board.


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          Relax, will ya? I mentioned the clubs from the perspective of the ones closest to good food. What more do you want?