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Jan 23, 2008 03:20 PM

Great food near Newark Liberty Airport?

I have read every post and haven't come up with a solid pick for one night's lay-over. Any help would be appreciated. Would especially enjoy great ethnic--Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese; but, anything really good will do. Thanks in advance! P.S. Money is not a major obstacle, quality is.

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  1. All depends on how far you want to go. David Drake is a 15-20 minute ride on route 1 and it's one of the best in NJ. You have a great Portugese area in downtown Newark. I have a great BYO French restaurant in Kenilworth easily reached from Newark airport.

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      try 27 Mix on halsey street.. upscale very nice.. havnt been in a while but the food is always fresh and the drinks are good... For ethinic I like Brazilia Grill on Monroe Street.. great brazilian bbq

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        Thanks for the reply. What is the name of the French Restaurant? Also, Casa Vasca came up more often than any other in my research. Do you recommend it?

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          Le Rendezvous on Kenilworth Blvd. Very small, can be very casual if you wish.

          I have not eaten at Casa Vasca although I know people at work have mentioned it and always in good terms.

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            Le Rendez-vous is the French bistro in Kenilworth. Small, charming, and very good food.


            And, yes, Casa Vasca is highly recommended.


        2. if forgot about FernandezII steak house.. amazing steak on a tile.. portuguese menu...also some brazilian bbq.... excellent stop for a 1 night layover..high quality steaks if you like that . they come to the table to finish cooking the tile... which is hot from an oven.. and with a little melted butter.. you cant eat enough.. i prefer the cheaper fattier cuts.. more flavor.

          1. I like Front St. Smokehouse in Elizabeth (short 10 minute drive from the airport) for bbq when I'm in that area.

            1. Right down route 1 in Elizabeth is a little bit of heaven from the past, Spritos. Jfood grew up with the place and yearns to return. Read some of the reviews on this site.


              1. If you are willing to travel up the New Jersey Turnpike to 20 minutes or so, there is an excellent little gem for Chinese. View pictures at Jason Perlow's : New Jersey.

                Petite Soo Chow
                607 Gorge Road
                Cliffside Park, NJ


                Also, if you travel to Jersey City on Newark Avenue, you will find a concentration of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.......BYOB mostly. I believe OTB has references as well.