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Jan 23, 2008 03:12 PM

Bambou Restaurant Greenwich

Anyone been here? I just saw an article about it in the Westport News. Sounds interesting, Asian "street food" in addition to sushi and other entrees. The website is
Be interested to hear any experiences.

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  1. I'd be interested to hear too. We used to occasionally get take-out from Wild Ginger at that location. I was wondering if it had changed ownership or not.

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      I called because I was curious as well and it is not the same owners as
      Wild Ginger.

      1. re: GrifinMil

        We got take-out from Bambou last night. We got the Sichuan Beef and the Mango Chicken. It was pretty good. Seemed similar to Wild Ginger.

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          Went over the weekend and had a selection of Asian tapas: popcorn salt & pepper chicken (kind of like the classic calamari preparation, was okay); taiwanese "burgers" which was a fatty piece of pork with hoisen sauce in an open steamed bun (the fatty part freaked my spouse out); mango & jicama salad (okay); seafood shumai (good); sweet potato fries (really a selection of potato tempura sticks) (good, nothing special) and a shrimp tempura roll (good). Just for those, the bill was $72. Service was extra attentive.

          Assessment: it is okay, a concept they could have done a lot more with (more usual offerings), a little pricey, average food. It was good for us that evening because we were invited elsewhere for dessert, so we weren't too stuffed.

    2. We went here tonight...
      Were excited about the idea of street food/Asian tapas so we ordered a selection of appetizers: Vietnamese springrolls, Taiwanese burgers, coconut popcorn shrimp, and the tempura sweet potato fries. Most were just "alright"... perhaps we ordered too many fried things but the taste became the same after awhile. The sauces were very good. And the Taiwanese burger was the standout in terms of taste and originality.

      The waitstaff was very nice but way, way, way too obtrusive. Every time they visited the table they'd say, "Excuse me" and then wait for us to stop our conversation and respond before they'd take away the plate or whatever. It is a waiter-puts-the-napkin-on-your-lap kind of place, which is a weird mix with "street food," but goes perfectly with the $20 pad thai, I suppose. Two different waiters asked us if we wanted water ("No, thank you.") and then a third interrupted to bring us the nonrequested water. Considering we were eating tapas-style (drinks, then 4 separately-delivered dishes, 4 separate dish removals, water, dessert and check, that is a LOT of interruptions).

      Apart from the Taiwanese burger, I'd say that everything they offer is also offered at Asiana in downtown Greenwich at the same or better quality, and somewhat cheaper, too. Although Bambou is a more upscale first-date atmosphere kind of place, and Bambou's music was better. To be fair, Bambou had a huge sushi/seafood selection which we did not take advantage of at all. Perhaps this is where they'd really shine.

      1. went there yesterday.i will say this place only a lil bit above average.the price is very high consider some portions from the meals are very small....
        had the pad thai yesterday it was pretty good but what ridicilous was they charged the same price for the veggie only with the seafood or chicken pad thai...weird...

        and the i wouldnt say bad..but just average..

        1. I eat take out from here about 4-5x a week. I think they have the best sushi around. They are also friendly and accommodating. My go-to rolls are the "Wild Ginger Roll" (a cali roll topped w/spicy so good), the Pongko Shrimp roll, and a King Crab tuna roll (not sure if i named that right). Great sushi.

          1. I have been to Bambou several times and each time I have had a good experience. If you go, you must try the crispy 7 spiced calamari, the peking duck roll and the King Crab tuna roll. Service is very attentive and they have a great patio for outdoor dining.