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Jan 23, 2008 03:06 PM

Found! Breaded, Fried Cheese Curds!!

If you are from/or have been to the midwest, you will most likely know what I am talking about here... One of my most favorite things to eat when I am visiting my brother in Wisconsin is fried cheese curds (a joke is him asking me how many times I have had it on the way to his house from the airport). I did not think that we had any in LA, but this past weekend, while heading towards the freeway on Alondra in Cerritos(?) (west of Cerritos College), I passed an A&W Root Beer. Since they sell the fried cheese curds in the midwest, I thought I would drive by the drive-thru menu and see if they had them. Well, THEY DID!! So, of course, I had to try them. They were delicious! White cheese with a very good ranch dressing. SO GOOD!! I was very pleased. So, if you are from the midwest and are craving 'em, now you can get them in So Cal! Thanks!

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  1. They also have them at the A&W in San Dimas at Arrow Hwy and Bonita.

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    1. Cheese curds. Only thing I get there. It's been months since I've been back. Thanks for the reminder. I think there's an A&W in Orange too.

      1. My wife thanks you, my cardiologist thanks you...

        Interesting - there were A&Ws in my part of Illinois when I was a kid (XXXX years ago), and then years later in the SF Bay Area, and we never had heard of cheese curds, much less fried ones. It's kind of cool to see a national chain like this pick up on a regional treat and spread it around, since what they usually do is ignore what any locals anywhere are eating and give them bland nowhere-special food instead.

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          I tried the TJ's ones. There was nothing cheese curdy about them - they were just lumps of cheap cheddar. I tried them cold and room temp (I didn't bother with frying). They didn't squeak at all. I was thoroughly disappointed. Since I like 'em cold and squeaky, not fried, I guess I still have no choice but to pick them up when visiting my brother in MN....sigh...
          (I'm sorry I replied this to the wrong post - am a new chowhounder)

        2. If you are willing to cook them yourself, Trader Joe's has been carrying cheese curds in their dairy case lately.

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            I noticed those. Have not bought any yet. The previous cheese seller at the Villa Park FM in Pasadena used to sell both cheddar and pepper jack ones. God, I loved them!

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              They also have them at Artisan Cheese Gallery. I am hesitant, because nothing can compare with the squeaky fresh cheese curds I had at the Westby Cooperative in Westby, WI. I don't think frying them adds anything, actually.

                1. re: WildSwede

                  Well, the only time I had them fried was at this seafood place in Port Washington, WI. Maybe they do a bad job, since the food there is only mediocre - been a few times - but the view is great so we keep going back. So, maybe you're right! :-) I saw them advertised at an A&W in Frisco or Dillon, CO last Sept. Still, they were great in Westby, which is where they were made. Maybe I'll pick up a bag (not fried!) at Artisan Cheese Gallery since I stop in there semi-regularly, and see if they're decent. It's one of those things that I think will never compare to the first time.

              1. re: saucydiva

                Oh wait! Does that mean I can make my own poutine? Is it the right type of cheese curds?

                1. re: justagthing

                  Should be the same! If not, you can always trot yourself to Canadian Cafe in Monrovia and get some there!! ;-)

                  1. re: WildSwede

                    From recent posts, I thought that they do not have it anymore???

                    1. re: justagthing

                      But there's a new bar called the Alibi Room in Mar Vista/Culver City that has it on the menu. I haven't tried it yet, but it strikes me as the type of dish that any half-way capable line cook could throw together pretty easily.

                      1. re: justagthing

                        Did not hear that. I have not been in a while so I am not sure if they have them any longer or not. When I went, they definitely had them.

                  2. re: saucydiva

                    They're just okay... I bought the cheddar cheese curds, and they definitely didn't meet my expectations, or at least, at the price, they weren't a re-purchase... rather have the English Cheddar w/ Carmelized Onion, or the Bavarian Beer Cheese, or the Jarlsberg, or braided Garlic and Olive Oil Mozzarella...

                  3. Next you'll be posting that you found a place where they have Hamm's beer.