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Jan 23, 2008 03:00 PM

Bachelor party dinner in Canmore

Can anyone recommend a good place to have a late bachelor party dinner in Canmore in May (Banff is a possibility too, but Canmore would be much better)?. The boys are going caving right before and will be quite hungry, but the caving tour ends late so the restaurant would need to be open for a 9pm reservation. There will probably be about 10 in the party.

It should be somewhat affordable ($30 or less per person, including a drink if possible) and casual (might not have time to wash off all the mud before dinner!) Crazyweed looks great but a little too pricey. Any type of cuisine would work, bonus points for good Mexican. The groom doesn't drink so it doesn't need to be particularly alcohol-oriented, but good beer would be appreciated by the others in the party.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Drake is always a good choice for a fun and entertaining night. Always busy, with TVs and pool tables. The food is pub grub but good sized protion and they wont mind if the guys are a bit dirty after caving.
    Murrietas is another choice, you can reserve a private room. Lots of red meat to fill up those hungery boys too. Although they might appreciate a shower before coming.

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    1. re: cdn

      Thanks CDN! I had thought about Murrietta's but it is on the higher end as far as price goes - and yeah, they may be a bit too dirty for it!

      I'll check out the Drake more.

      Looking forward to hearing more suggestions :)

    2. The Drake is ok - i prefer the food and the beer at the Grizzly Paw. Rose and Crown is another option as well, but i like the food better at the Drake.

      In terms of non-pub like places, the $30 budget would be manageable for a few other places, but the dirt/grime/wet/guano covered bit probably wouldnt work well at any restaurants. Caving is dirty. I'd probably stick to pubs :)

      Good luck!

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      1. re: yen

        Haha, I thought I was being a bit facetious with the mud comments. The caving company does supply coveralls! I have been several times and I get sweaty, but not super gross. They might just need to wash their faces...

        So, yen, could you go ahead and list those places where the $30 budget would be manageable, ignoring the possible muddiness? Thanks :)

        1. re: mtyf

          I wasnt sure. I've been caving several times, and coveralls or no, let me tell you, i've never come out anything resembling clean :)

          Anyway, my favorite that might work is Quarry. Really nice atmosphere, excellent food, and if you don't go for the high end entree's (duck, bison etc..), you can make beer, entree, tax and tip at $30.

          Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is also a really good choice - but i've never been in winter. Anyone know if they're open?

          I've had decent Cajun food at French Quarter, which slides in at the same price. Quite filling too.

          Chef Studio Japan is a possibility as well, depending on how hungry you are. It's my second favorite Japanese restaurant in the province, and the food is great. The issue is Japanese isnt all that filling, so if you have some hungry guys, probably not the right place on a budget.

          And of course, the aforementioned pubs.

          Hope that helps a bit more :)

          1. re: yen

            I would second the RMFC it is great, casual atmosphere, they are opened, was there for apres ski.

            But in my opinion even better than that is Zona's....Funky ecclectic, bording on ethnic food served in artist pottery made by the chef, as is all the art on the walls (apparently he is a musician too!), reasonably priced. Definitely need a reso as it is fairly small, weekends are booked. I think sometimes they have live music too. It is in the back alley west of main street.

            I would consider heading to Drake afterwards, great fun, usually good bands.

            In the morning a local secret is Summit Cafe, it is fabulous hearty delicious breaky for great prices, super cash atmosphere, counter ordering but sit down meals. It is on the cougar creek side, 102 1001 Cougar Creek Drive.

            1. re: cleopatra999

              Rocky Mountain Flatbread is open Wed - Sun in the winter. As a Canmore resident I wouldn't look much beyond there at this time of year - its usually pretty busy with a warm, lively atmosphere, other establishments are a bit his & miss in that respect at the moment - we had a nice meal at The Wood last week, but it was empty apart from us.

            2. re: yen

              Seconded! Quarry is my fave place in Canmore and it won't break your bank- steak frites are incroyable!

          2. re: yen

            Another rec for the Grizzly Paw. It meets your budget, I remember the food and beer being quite good, and they brew their own sodas. The groom might appreciate their black cherry cola, which is really good! I haven't been to Quarry, but that might be another option, as the others suggest.

            1. re: littlegreenpea

              Thank you so much everyone! I will look into all of your suggestions more. They sound like great, totally workable options.

          3. Just wanted to give a late update - the boys had a great time at Murietta's... When the groom's father was invited to the party, he declined to go caving but offered to pay for dinner afterward, so money was not really a consideration. As I wasn't there i can't really report on the food quality, but the hubs says everyone enjoyed their meal well enough. Unfortunately, he ordered a ribeye and got a strip steak. They offered to remake it but said it would take quite a while, so he just ate the strip, and they comped dessert (not the best solution, I would think).

            Oh, and they ended up not being able to get very far on the caving tour - too much snow melt - so they weren't all that dirty, either!

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            1. re: mtyf

              Thanks for the update. It's always nice to hear about how the experience went. Glad they had a good time!