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Jan 23, 2008 02:29 PM

Any info on Carpaccio in Hanover NH? other places?

Looking for info on this italian restaurant in Hanover, NH.

Any good eats in Hanover, NH?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It's long gone.

    Try Carpenter & Main in Norwich, VT, the tavern or dining room at The Norwich Inn, Peyton Place in Orford, NH or The Perfect Pear in Bradford, VT.

    Lou's in downtown Hanover for breakfast.

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    1. Oh and by the way, Carpaccio is still open and doing fine.
      The food there is awesome. The Italian place that did close
      was The Cafe Buon Gustaio.

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        Peyton Place is OUTSTANDING. We have been dinning with them since they were in the basement of the Bradford, VT post office. They truly have the best crab cakes anywhere. The staff is down to earth, fun, helpful and they have been with Jim and Heidi for years. I rarely oder fish at a restaurant - but always order the fish special at Peyton Place, it always exceeds my expectations. When ever my husband and I go someplace else, we are sorry and say: "We should have gone to Peyton Place"

      2. re: hdb

        Can anyone tell me anything about Peyton Place? I'm intrigued by the menu and commitment to local ingredients.

        There are some other posts on here about it but most of them refer to (somewhat) distant experiences and don't offer much detail.

      3. Carpaccio is still open.. AND terrible. The pasta was horrible and FAR underdone, nowhere near al dente. I was disgusted that i'd even wasted the calories! As for the price it was beyond outrageous.. it topped the canoe club but wasn't near the product. The only good thing I can say about the restaurant was that the drinks were well done.

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          The best Italian food in the area is Pane y Saluto in Woodstock VT. It's wonderful, small, authentic and the owners are the chef and his wife, who runs the front of the rest. You will want to go back.