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Jan 23, 2008 02:14 PM

Need a recommendation for good Steak/Seafood restaurant near Sunset Marquis Hotel

Im having dinner with some friends from NY who are staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. Can anyone recommened a nice restaurant that serves Steak/Seafood. My friends recommended the BOA steakhouse but i found reviews to be not so good. Ideas?

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  1. I have always enjoyed Hollywood Boa's steaks; the Santa Monica Boa gets shot down alot on this board but I have never been.

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      I completely agree -- I really like the Boa in Hollywood.

    2. I really like Boa on Sunset as well. And if you happen to go on a Sunday night, their entire wine list is half-price. There's also Jar, which is maybe a mile away, on Beverly Blvd.

      1. Right near the hotel is the fabulous new Amarone Kitchen and Wine

        1. I really love the steak at Hollywood Boa but the room is really small and very loud. Another good but not great steakhouse is the Dakota at the Roosevelt which is about 2 miles east of your hotel. Great ambience and large room if you want to talk and catch up with your friends. Last time we went there we saw Warren Beatty and his wife at one table, Marilyn Manson and his girlfriend at another table. Talk about diverse.

          1. Do they have to walk to dinner? If so, then walk to Il Sole or Boa.

            If not, the world opens up to you, if only within a few miles. Drive to Jar!

            You could also just to go Dan Tana's.