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Jan 23, 2008 01:27 PM

BMore: Dinner, Afterward and Brunch

Two sisters attending concert at 1st Mariner on a Sat night. Staying at Harborplace. Will have car but are thinking of hoofing it (though a cab will be used if needed).

Dinner? Under about $40/pp w/o drinks. Great to good food but relaxed dress code as sisters will be wearing nice jeans. Prefer basic-ish American food and good seafood options are a plus.

After the concert? Neighborhood place with good drinks that is walking distance to hotel.

Brunch? The sisters are game for anything that is good and worth the wait (if necessary). Non-church attire preferred.

I will continue to seach, but I thought I'd throw it out to the crowd...


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  1. Dinner - though I've only been there for lunch, Watertable in the Renaissance is really good and doesn't get enough talk on this board. I don't know what the prices are like for dinner, but it may be a bit over your price range.

    If it's too pricey for you, Copra is very good, somewhat upscale, American food and will definitely fit your budget. You'll probably want to take a cab there.

    After the show, head up to Mt. Vernon (cab) or Federal Hill and walk around. Fed Hill is getting a bit younger crowd, but there are more bars in a short distance. In Mount Vernon, I'd probably start at the Brewer's Art for a beer and go from there.

    As for brunch, there have been more than a few threads on that here.

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      Well, looks like we will have to try for Baltimore another weekend. Half the sister team was under the weather. Maybe sometime in the spring...

      Copra looks spot on, though. And the Brewer's Art is now on the list for sure. Many thanks for you suggestions. Maybe I'll just drive up this weekend and make a day of it. I have dreaams about the shoe store that also sells chocolate in Hampden. :)

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