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Aug 15, 2001 04:00 PM


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What is Benihana's wine list like? I just called the Torrance location and spoke to 3 different people there and barely got any info on their wines and none of them knew what their corkage fee is.

Any info?


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  1. I suggest drinking much of your wine at home before you go, saving any corkage fee, and possibly making their food more palatable.

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    1. re: Mike Kilgore

      "possibly making their food more palatable".

      Please explain.


      1. re: Jimbo

        I think what he's trying to say is, basically is... the food is not that great!

        1. re: D. Mortet

          By jove I think he's got it!

          1. re: Mike Kilgore

            I believe that's the style restaurant Benihana
            is. While I agree that Benihana is terrible food and very expensive is there any other Teppan restaurants around that have good food and prices? I realize that all Teppan cooking places are going to be expensive anyway due to the "show" the chef puts on.

            1. re: Schudog

              The Benihana in Marina Del Rey only charged about $15.00 a person for food. I didn't go back but it had nothing to do with the price. It seemed like alot of food pretty cheap. The thing that bothered me was that everything tasted the same. Blindfolded you can't tell chicken from shrimp from veggies. Something to do with the seasonings they use.

              1. re: Larry

                Just ate there (at request of a group of 11-year olds); I think that it's the amount of salt that makes everything taste the same; can't recall the last time prior to tonight I saw or heard of a chef, or even a cook, salting something liberally, and then adding full-salt soy sauce in addition...

              2. re: Schudog

                I don't really care for teppan cooking but there is a cheap place on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park called Karuta. They have a "buy one get one free" coupon in the LA Times every Thursday, so it's pretty inexpensive for two. Personally, I would only eat there as a last resort.


                1. re: Schudog

                  Matsu on the corner of Beach Blvd. and Talbert in Huntington Beach has a better Teppan than Benihana. Matsu is a fairly large Japanese restaurant, with a small sushi bar (just average), large dining room, Teppan dining room, and bar. We've had good Teppan meals over the years. Quality of the items is good, and the portions are huge. The regular menu in the dining room is also excellent. Their sukiyaki is especially good. Reservations a good idea.

                  Another Teppan place is Daimon, on PCH in Sunset Beach. I'm not as impressed with this place, but there are always crowds. Last time I was there, the piped-in music in the Teppan room was so loud (and awful) that we couldn't have conversation.

            2. re: Jimbo

              If you go with a big group of people, just pick out one meat...chicken, beef, fish, and split it amongst your party. Whatever your choice of meat, they will all end up tasting the same way after it's been prepared.