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Dining suggestions for a foodie

Hello. I'm looking for a great restaurant to celebrate my 30th B-day w/ some friends. I've already been to places like Campanile, Patina, Literatti II, Table 8, Sushi Nozawa, Katsu-Ya, and Hatfields among others. Can anyone please suggest some other really good spots? Thank you.

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    1. Can you provide more guidelines...
      What type of food/atmosphere are you looking for? How large of a group?

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        Sure. It's going to be a group of 5 or 6 this Saturday night. Food can be any cuisine really but my faves are French and any of the Asian cuisines. Atmosphere should be fun and not overly formal, but a bit refined. It would be great if the price of the majority of entrees didn't exceed $40. Thanks again.

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          We're going to Ortolan and Bashan next weekend and I'm excited about both. Based on experience, for great French, I'd say Melisse but that might be over your $40/entree guideline. Fraiche has been getting good reviews and might be a good choice - looks fun and not so pricey. For Japanese, how about Asenabo? Maybe something from the DineLA list? http://www.dinela.com/data/restaurant...

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            Agreed with Comme Ca and Fraiche ~ also, Craft, Little Door, Josie & Blue Velvet are worth a checkout.


        2. Chinois on Main. Everything is served to share. French techniques with Asian flavors and products. A very celebratory atmosphere. Wolfgang Puck's fusion classic. The smaller dishes are at least half as big as the entrees and mostly more interesting, at about a third of the cost, so concentrate on those. For the large plates, be sure to order the sliced fillet in szechwan sauce and the whole deepfried catfish with ponzu. Avoid the fried rice dishes -- wasted calories, appetite, and nothing special. Be sure to order the diced lamb in radicchio leaf cups and the rock shrimp small plates. Very professional service -- I always feel very well-cared for there.

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            I really enjoyed the food at Chinois but the atmosphere is very bizarre. Puck's wife Barbara Lazaroff decorated it in the late 80's in a very of-the-moment style and it hasn't been updated a bit. I'm celebrating my 30th this year and I guess it's just not really a place I'd choose given that atmosphere is a little important to me at that price point. What about Chaya? Or you could eat very well at Orris (which is also french/asian fusion) at that price point, although they don't take reservations so you'd have to go on the late or early side or risk a long wait.

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              Sorry if I was a bit vague guys, but I actually prefer my French and Asian cuisines separate. I was just saying that they were two of my favorite cuisines. What do you all think of the 1st poster's suggestion, Comme Ca?

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                I think it's a good suggestion (although loud) if you can get a reservation.

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                  I think Comme Ca right now is the MOST FUN place, not that food serious (not an insult, it's a riff on a brasserie), but good and tasty and super great vibe right now.

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                    I thought it was average (at best). Luques (across the street is much better.

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                      I mean, you can't argue with Lucques. Lucques rules. In fact, when we went to Comme Ca with my 2-year-old, Daniella, I walked her across the street, in the rain, to Lucques, and it was really hopping and I said to her, with significance, "Daniella, this is Lucques."

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                        Both great choices. Luques for exceptional food in a quieter more upscale environ. Comme Ca for excellent food in a more lively, festive atmosphere.

              2. Roy's is a fun place to celebrate birthday's. It's billed as Hawaiian/Asian. It can get loud, but not in a sports bar kind of way. But make you're reservation now if you want to go this Saturday. Hard to get in on the weekends, at least that's been my experience. Two locations:

                800 S. Figueroa Street


                6363 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
                Woodland Hills

                  1. Has anybody ever been to Pastis? I've been hearing good things.

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                      Love Pastis but more for a relaxed, romantic date than birthday party. Service and atmosphere probably outshine the food which is very good if a little uneven. Definitely give it a try, but probably on another night.

                    2. Celadon seems like a good fit!

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                      1. Fraiche is great. Also, Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills is good and has a lively vibe, albeit sometimes loud. You can't make reservations there, however. BUT, if you call when you're on the way, they'll take your name.

                        1. melisse is my fav in the area, but i'm not sure if it's what you're looking for... not necessarily a "fun" place. la cachette is pretty good too but it's also more of a pleasant atmosphere. how bout grace or jiraffe?? somebody mentioned the little door and i love that place (atmosphere more than the food)..

                          1. What about Joe's in Venice?? (Just came to mind - I haven't been in ages but was always very happy)

                            1. A.O.C. is great. I celebrated my anniversary on the top patio of the restaurant and it was so much fun. Hip atmosphere, not so pretentious and very knowledgeable staff, wine by the glass galore, amazing cheese, fun tapas-sized servings make sharing fun...I can go on.

                              1. I thought his 30th Bday was last Sat on 26th (based on the thread). I'm curious which was his final pick -- Comme Ca or Lucques :-)

                                1. Hi, My favorite for the sumptuous & most delectable Indian Buffet Lunch is at Bombay Palace on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Usually, you expect an all-you-can-eat buffet to have rank, lousy food, but this is a gourmet & high-class operation. I took a friend who had never had Indian food & she is now enamoured with it!! The buffet is only during lunch hours on week-ends. Saturday is a little less pricey than Sunday. --JET

                                  1. Oh, I re-read that French is one of your favorites. We love,love,LOVE Cafe' Midi on La Brea. Their Croque Monsiers, grilled sandwhiches & lush multi-ingriedient salades are to die for. It is small, but the abience within a high-ceiliged warehouse/french-goods store is lovely!! --JET