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Jan 23, 2008 12:48 PM

Ah Crud - Is my brown rice edible?

I've been trying to be a very good girl and make a huge pot of brown rice at the and then package it up in small and freeze it for use for the next couple of weeks.

Last night I made my huge pot of rice (water only, not even salt added) and then promptly turned off the heat forgot about it and went to bed. The rice was done by this point and has been sitting on the stove with a lid on it for about 24 hours.

Will it make me sick? Does brown rice have enough protein in it to worry about it going bad?

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  1. It's not the protein, it has some kind of bacteria in the raw rice that survives the cooking. It's one of the big surprises in the Food Sanitation Course that restaurant workers have to take. Whipped butter is another one.

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      Ah man - that totally sucks. Thanks though!

    2. It might make you very sick, indeed. Toss it!

      1. white rice has same problem? i have not had a problem with white rice -- not that leaving it on stove is my practice.,....

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          Brown and white rice have the same problem: when left at room temp, they become veritable petri dishes for bacteria. I suspect that people in undeveloped countries are mostly immune to this, but we in the west most definitely are not.