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Jan 23, 2008 12:45 PM

ISO Tim-Tams

I know Australian products in general were recently covered, but I have not found Tim-Tams. I am looking to score some SERIOUS points with my father-in-law and I'm willing to drive. Has anyone recently seen them?

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    1. re: Quik

      I checked the one on Westwood Blvd. Did you buy them at another location?

        1. re: EliAnnKat

          I bought them at the Pasadena location on Colorado. If you're really in a pinch, Amazon sells the British version, Penguins, online.

          1. re: EliAnnKat

            They must have been out of stock as I have purchased them there in the past. Have you tried the Farmer's Market location?

        2. They have them at the concession stand at The Landmark Theater at The Westside Pavillion - Westwood/Pico - last time I was there they had 4-5 different kinds.

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          1. re: shebop

            This was going to be my suggestion. The concession stand is accessible with purchasing a movie ticket.

          2. I think they have them at the Continental Shop on Wilshire & 16th - hub of all British empire stuff - violet crumble, mars bars, digestives, etc.

            This is random, but I just saw them in the kosher food section of Ralphs on Olympic & Barrington. Not sure if kosher Tim-Tams = regular Tim-Tams.

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            1. re: mungus

              Was gonna suggest the Continental Shop as well.

              Tudor House in SM on 2nd st.

              Beverly Glen Market/Deli at Bev Glen just south of Mulholland.

            2. The original comment has been removed