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Jan 23, 2008 12:35 PM

Chicken souvlaki. Got a recipe for me?

Hi all

As per the topic -- I absolutely love chicken souvlaki.

Oddly enough, EVERY souvlaki joint here in my home area of Toronto seems to have some kind of "baste" they put on the meat after it is grilled.

What is this baste they put on it?

What is a good marinade? Anyone care to share their favorite?

Also, I know the marinade includes 'olive oil' as an ingredient, but can someone elaborate on WHAT kind of olive oil? There are like 10 varities in my local supermarket ranging from "light" to "extra virgin" to regular and everything in between

Thanks, chow gurus :)

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  1. Most Greek souvlaki, whether chicken or (more traditionally)pork has olive oil, lemon juice and Greek oregano-which is somewhat more aromatic. Any good greek olive oil from a Greek store- Ariston is a good brand. Also, salt and pepper.

    1. I like this recipe but I marinade the chicken longer in the olive oil mix:

      It's great with this naan recipe:

      On olive oil, the extra virgin has the most flavor and generally costs the most. If the flavor of the olive oil is important, I'll use it; if not, I'll go with the less expensive light.