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Jan 23, 2008 12:17 PM

Dim Sum - Large Party

Daughter's turning 1 next month. Need to invite the relatives to lunch. Dim Sum for 30-40 people (3 tables). Shooting for someplace nice in San Gabriel Valley.

Any suggestions?

Kitchen, Elite, Sea Harbor seem to be everyone's choice for higher end dim sum places. Is one of them better than the others for larger parties?

Any other places to consider?

I've only been to Elite and that place that's gilded on the inside on Garvey and Atlantic (New Capital I think?), but not the others.

All advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. First off, New Capital is really awful. It's a big space, so too bad about their bad food.

    Sea Harbour would be my pick, their dim sum is really excellent. You can and MUST make reservations. And then you better still stand in line or be ready to get yelled at by all the other diners who are in a mad rush to get in.

    I thought Elite was ok, definitely like Sea Harbour better. But the space at Elite is bigger.

    I haven't been to Triumphal Palace, which has gotten some good reviews here, but that's another option.

    Also haven't been to The Kitchen.

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    1. re: slacker

      The Kitchen has unusual new dim sum. Too bad, dirty.

    2. Triumphal Palace, 500 W. Main St. Alambra, CA 91899 626-308-3222
      Better call ahead, not too big, good decor. Good food. Service depend.

      Elite Restaurant, 700 S. Atlantic Blvd. Monterey Park, CA 91754 626-282-9998
      Good Dim Sum, small and pack, so so service. BUT GOOD FOOD.

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      1. re: tonypoon

        tonypoon - I am responding to your " so service" at Elite.

        We have enjoyed Elite more than 20 times since they opened as "Elite."
        Our service has always been exceptional!

      2. The place at Atlantic and Garvey is Capital, (as opposed to New Capital), the difference between the two being night and day. The trouble with all of the higher end places is that they are relatively small and I don't know how they would take to a crowd coming in and parking for a while during their busiest hours. If that's an issue you might be relegated to a place like NBC or Ocean Star which have semi-private rooms in which a group of your size might fit. (Sea Harbour has a semi private room but I don't know if it's large enough for your group.)

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        1. re: Chelmoon

          Also been to "Capital" in the mini-mall at Atlantic/Garvey, and did not like that either--everything was cold, but nowhere as bad as New Capital.

        2. What day of the week? The other suggestions are fine, for your "normal" size parties. But for 30-40 people you almost have to make a reservation. Many of these are small spaces (Elite, for example) and very crowded esp. on weekends. I would suggest Mission 261. The quality of their dim sum is very good, although not the best. But they take reservations, which is a definite plus for your party.

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          1. re: PeterL

            I second Mission 261. The location is nice, decent dimsums with some creative dimsum items too. I think you order the dimsum, no carts

            1. re: PeterL

              Mission 261 also has a side room that would fit your party and be

              1. re: JudiAU

                Mission 261. There's a huge parking lot on the side and they have a bunch of side private rooms. The dim sum is pretty good.

            2. Elite has a small atrium that holds four large tables. If you can reserve this, it would be really convenient. I love the food there, too.

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              1. re: raytamsgv

                does that atrium really hold 4 large tables? it seemed so narrow....

                1. re: jackt

                  We had two of the tables in there, I believe there was at least one more, not sure if there are 4. those tables are large, tho. There were flies buzzing around in the atrium when I was there. Maybe it was just that day, but what a complete and total turnoff.

                  1. re: jackt

                    Seems like it will really be difficult to walk through that area if they stuff it with 4 tables of 10.

                    No flies when we went, and I prefer the food at Elite more than Sea Harbour nowadays, because they have more the non-standard stuff, but both are good.

                    Space wise Mission 261 is nicer, and the New Capital at the San Gabriel Square is certainly big, but not too impressed with the food.

                    1. re: jackt

                      There were definitely four tables--we used three of them for a dinner banquet, and there was one left over. I don't think it's any more cramped than usual.