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Jan 23, 2008 12:14 PM

ISO One good non-stick saute pan w/ lid

I'm hoping the 'hounds can help me find a good NS saute pan (or skillet) w/ a lid for a one-application type thing. I've been making my own potstickers and there is just no amount of oil one can put in a cast iron or stainless pan that will make them not stick. Unless someone give me some secret technique I'm missing I need a new pan. So can anyone recommend a good line to look at? Is All-Clad NS worth it? What about the LC line of stainless -- does anyone know if they have any NS pans in their line? Or for a one-application type thing am I better off going to Target and buying the $9.99 special?

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  1. Go for the $19.99 special. The $9.99 special is a bit too thin and will warp quickly and badly.

    1. My favorite non stick is Swiss Diamond - expensive though. I like it because it can go into the oven at pretty high heat and also browns nicely.

      1. I would recommend any aluminum pan that has the Excalibur Teflon finish. This process will be a bit more expensive than generic Teflon finish, but its worth the initial investment.

        I would not recommend All-Clad, but they is just my opinion.

        Sitram has cookware with the Cybernox finish, but this isn't Teflon, but a very low friction surface. This coating tolerates the use of metal utensils, is much more durable and can go in the oven/broiler.

        1. jfood likes the Calphalon One NS. Like MMRuth's requirement it can go from the stovetop to a 450 oven, real important for many of jfood's favorite daily dishes.

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            I agree on Calphalon anodized. My saute pan (5 qt) is not even the "Nonstick" but I've never had a problem with anything sticking to it. It is our kitchen's workhouse; used practically every night, including for recipes that go from stove top to oven.

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              me too


              target and kohls both carry it for an affordable price

            2. Don't see Circulon mentioned much on CH, but it's really good and a bit below the top price range:

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                Cuisinart makes a good non-stick pan. I found my 2 at Home Goods, nicely discounted. They take lids from other Cuisinart pans. I would not buy very expensive, because the non-stick finish does not hold up for the life of the pan. I personally would not buy really cheap either.

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                  I would disagree about cuisinart nonstick (aluminum core). The aluminum is pretty thin for their price point even at clearance prices. I would suggest going to marshalls/tjmaxx/ross and browse their cookware sections. Often times you will see some hefty thick non-stick pans with metal handles at clearance prices, but you have to hunt for them.