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Jan 23, 2008 12:11 PM

oya recommendations?

Hi dc hounds - i'm headed to oya saturday night and was hoping to get some recommendations from their restaurant month menu. It sounds like the salmon roll for the appetizer and the sea bass are pretty good. any other thoughts/suggestions? cocktails that are good there?

For a bit of background, my old roommate is coming to town and he requested oya, so that's not changing. plus i've been wanting to check it out and they do have the extended RW menu. and i got us a reservation which is hard to do for a saturday night at a nice restaurant in dc.

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  1. You're right on with the salmon roll. It's delicious. I also enjoy the scallops, which have always been cooked perfectly in my experience, and the hen-of-the-woods mushrooms and noodles are a perfect, light accompaniment.

    If you like Dark n Stormies, then you're in for a treat.

    1. I had either the spicy crunch shrimp roll or the spicy crunch salmon when I was there and it was delicious. Really full of flavor, not overly spicy and tightly made (if this makes sense...a pet peeve of mine with sushi is when it falls apart when you dip it in the soy sauce. This happens a lot at non-Japanese restaurants but Oya's was made perfectly).

      It's been awhile since I've been and looking at their menu it looks as if the dish I had is not longer on there. But in case they change it I believe I had some sort of fish---perhaps salmon or a white fish, with delicious hen of woods mushrooms, potatoe gnocchis and some other goodness mixed in. For dessert I had the sorbets.

      My meal was quite good there when I went for their Restaurant Month this past summer. I wasn't expecting much but was pleased with the portion size and quality of food.

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        I REALLY want to try Oya out-- I've heard sooo many good things. The salmon rolls sounds amazing. Does it have a fun atmosphere??

        1. re: CerealKiller

          It's a very trendy, chic atmosphere. I thought it was cool---certainly not a place I normally go to. But it's a fun place to check out, especially when the deal is $30 for dinner.

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            They have a good happy hour that lasts until...get this...8 instead of 7! It has reduced price drinks as well as sushi rolls, so you can make a meal out of it for a decent price.

      2. The crunchy spicy salmon roll is great. tuna tempura roll- not so much. I was extremely disapointed with the sirloin. Meat was tough and underseasoned. THe sea bass was cooked perfectly. My cocktail was AMAZING! I think it was the 777 9th street. All I remember was that it had lemongrass infused vodka.

        1. I have reservations for this Saturday too ... not a big asian/seafood person (I didn't pick the restaurant, its a large group), but the menu looks wide enough that I should have some options. I was thinking of shellfish for the app.. either crab or shrimp. It looks like that gives me plenty of choices.. crunchy shrimp roll, shrimp and crab quiche, fried shrimp with mango beignets, and cream of crab soup -- What would people recommend of those?

          For the main course .. it looks like either steak or chicken.. I saw someone didn't like the steak, has anyone tried the chicken?

          And dessert I am wide open.. the options are banana bread pudding and chocolate 3 ways.. oh and I think the basic "sorbet" option.

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            Def go for the banana bread pudding, although their sorbets are excellent too if you want something lighter (I usually do a tasting of these--their mango, passionfruit, and strawberry are all wonderful).
            Haven't tried the chicken and the steak was just ok. This place really is best for seafood items--my favorites being the scallops and the chlilean seabass.
            Of the starters the only one I've had that you recommend above is the crunchy shrimp roll, which is really tasty. We frequently go to Oya, as we find that you get a lot for your money and the food, service, and atmosphere are all great, but haven't been for the latest incarnation of their $30 3 course menu...(they always have a version of this)