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Jan 23, 2008 11:55 AM

French Onion Soup in the Twin Cities?

It's winter. The air hurts my face. The darkness makes me sad. Does anyone know where I can get a great bowl of French onion soup in the Twin Cities? Made with great cheese? Preferably big enough to wade in?

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  1. I promise you, the answer is not Lunds. I had it from their deli the other day and it was not good. I'm really interested too in finding a good place. It sounds super good right now.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The new Meritage in St. Paul (where A Rebours used to be) has what I think is really excellent Fr Onion soup. I've tried it twice now and the broth is super beefy and intense, and not salty.

      2. Oh, thanks all. Good suggestions. And yes, Churchka, while Lunds/Byerly's make decent soups, French Onion is something that could get really screwed up via mass production.

        I''ll have to make plans for either Meritage or Cosmos. I've also emailed Cafe Barbette to see if they make one. They seem like they'd be a prime candidate. I want a French onion soup that has a thick, browned crust of cheese/gratin on the top.

        I love Cook's Illustrated. My mom calls it her "Anal Retentive Cooking Magazine." Maybe I can bum her copy and give it a shot.

        1. What about CHEZ COLETTE? I remember going there with French class and I certainly enjoyed it. It might not be fancy schmancy but if you are looking for no nonsense french onion soup then it might be a good place to go. It is near La Fugaise and part of Hotel Sofitel in Edina/Bloomington/Minneapolis (not sure where it actually lands)

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            A clarifying detail:

            La Fougasse is the restaurant at Hotel Sofitel (along with Chez Colette). Fugaise is the restaurant on Hennepin Ave near Surdycks.

          2. here's another vote vote for the onion soup at Meritage. Bowl of soup, maybe some frites and Bearnaise, glass of big old red, and you with those big windows, you can look out at Winter gnashing his teeth in vain and laugh with delight.

            They can't make a Manhattan though, but the Saint Paul is just down the street.