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Jan 23, 2008 11:25 AM

St. Louis breakfast

Visiting the in-laws this weekend and would love to get them out of their Chris's rut. Any suggestions for a good casual breakfast? St. Louis Hills area would be great. Thanks.

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  1. La Dolce Via at Taylor and Arco in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood has delicious baked goods, Kaldi's coffee, and rich omelets and pancakes.

    First Watch in Clayton is a nice spot, sunny and good service, and lots of choices.

    The Majestic at the corner of Euclid and Laclede has been our neighborhood spot for 30 years: it's a diner style breakfast, with bisquits (sp.) available as a substitiute for toast upon request. Good for people watching.

    Enjoy, p.j.

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      I would second First Watch. I know it is a "chain", but we ate there a few months ago and had a WONDERFUL breakfast. Very good service and everything was cooked PERFECTLY. DH had the Floridian French Toast and I had the Breakfast Scramble. Some unusual sections to choose from, too. Here's a link:

    2. Not sure how far you want to drive, but here are some places I used to have sunday brunch/breakfast awhile back.

      City House Coffee and Creperie in Brentwood
      Cafe Balaban in Central West End
      Nadoz Cafe near SLU
      Rooster downtown
      Duff's or Kopperman's CWE
      The Forest Park Boathouse if the weather is nice.
      Puck's at the Art Museum

      1. I second La Dolce Via. Good neighborhood feel to the place.

        1. I am surprised no one mentioned Kopperman's on Euclid in the CWE. Excellent potato pancakes, lox specialties, omelets with a Jewish deli feel. I love the service there. They also have lunch-y type things if you're not in the mood for breakfast.

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            I agree---the food at Kopperman's is great. I'm a big fan of their potato pancakes and homemade applesauce, as well as their cheese blinzes. DH loves their eggs benedict made with smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon. However, I always feel cramped in there---the tables are VERY close together, and a lot of the stock (sodas, etc.) is stored in the seating area, giving the space all the charm of a storage area.
            Also, if the in-laws have any mobility issues, note that the restrooms are down a very steep flight of stairs, THEN down a long hallway.

          2. I've usually really enjoyed Koppermanns, but could see someone being a bit let down. The food is always good, but with as busy as they get, I've recieved less than stellar service....But, it has a certain feel to it that you don't get anywhere else.

            Rooster on Locust downtown is quickly becoming my favorite spot. Its tiny, but prices are right, coffee is great and the huge crepes are FANtastic!

            I'm a fan of the creperie and coffeehouse on Brentwood in Clayton, but the order at the couter deal, and fend for yourself seating makes it not-so-fun sometimes. Food is always spot-on.

            Recently tried Three Monkeys on Morganford for their $14 brunch and was pleasantly suprised. Food was hot and tasty, a mimosa or bloody Mary were included. It was great.

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              I second the Rooster impression. Completely delicious, high quality food for a reasonable price. I have consistently been disappointed by the Creperie in Clayton though.

              I always enjoy Mokabe's brunch, personally, but I can understand how it wouldn't be a first choice.. I've been eying the brunch at Mangia for a while now, but haven't had a chance to make it over.

              I also avoid the Shangri La Diner like the plague. Worst service of all time.

              1. re: robotarms

                Is the Creperie in Clayton on Brentwood the same as a crepe-centric place called City or something like that a few doors down from Oceano Bistro?

                1. re: nosh

                  Yes, they are one and the same. I think technically it's City Coffeehouse and Creperie. I love their coffee.

                  1. re: shannoninstlouis

                    OK, then I've been there, done that. Agree that the order-at-the-counter, hunt for a table, grab your own silverware makes for less than a relaxing breakfast. My crepe with egg, turkey, bacon and some other filling was certainly filling, but pretty bland and fairly difficult to eat. A nice convivial place on the patio in good weather, but I'd only go again for the company of my dining companions and just order a muffin and save my appetite for a burger at Fatted Calf.