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Jan 23, 2008 10:52 AM

Superbowl Snacks

i'm hosting a superbowl party since my beloved giants are going to be playing my girlfriends favorite patriots, and i want to have some exciting twists on old favorites, but i am at a lack for ideas. I'm thinking of something with wings, some kind of veggie dumplings, and other snacks. If anyone can give me some suggestions on what they like and or nudge me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Thanks

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  1. Kinda depends on where you are, but I love taking Wang's dumplings to a party. Nachos from Taqueria la Mexicana are good too. Both in Somerville.

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      The Wang's dumplings are great. Heathermb got the frozen spinach vermicelli ones from Wang's for a recent soiree and she boiled and then pan fried them and they were great. I have a huge bag of the pork/green bean ones in my freezer that are calling out to me to be eaten!

    2. Bakers Best, in Newton Highlands, has a freezer full of interesting heat-and-serve hors d'oeurvres, including:

      apricot fennel filo rolls
      brie pockets
      beef knishes
      crab puffins
      franks in blankets
      potato knishes
      scallion toasts
      a variety of tartlets and triangles
      vegetable spring rolls
      potato pancakes
      ricotta crescents

      1. Ditto the Wang's rec. What about soy wings from Gitlo's?

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