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Jan 23, 2008 10:45 AM

MSP: Empanada Dough

Looking for a place to buy La Saltena empanada dough (for baking, not frying) in the MSP area. Anyone know of a place that carries it? (Or have recommendations for another brand and where to get it?)

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  1. I'm not familiar with the La Saltena brand - but I know you can get empanada "discos" by Goya from El Burrito Mercado in St Paul. They come in round disc shapes about 10 to a package and are frozen. But if you just let them defrost, add your filling, they work out great for either baking or frying. Good luck!

    1. I saw empanada dough (I didn't get the brand, but it wasn't Goya) at Galapagos Market in Northeast. (On Hennepin near Central and University across the street from Aveda institute.)

      1. I just saw some empanada wrappers at Cosecha Imports at the Midtown Global Market. I'm not sure if it was the brand you're looking for (a blue package I think?), but I can confirm they had them in the freezer case. Good luck!