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Jan 23, 2008 10:40 AM

HELP, I can't find decent pizza in Chester County!!!!

I have lived in Chester county for 4 years now and I still have not found any decent pizza. I live in Honey Brook, right near Lancaster county. I think we've tried everything in HoneyBrook; Coatesville; Downingtown and Exton areas. I'm hoping someone knows of a hidden gem that I haven't found yet. I'm originally from Delaware county, and I know of lots of suggestions from other Chowhounds for there, but haven't heard of many for Chester or even Lancaster Counties. Help a pizza lover out, PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. I'm a fan of K&G Pizza myself - they do a good deep dish and the BEST stromboli. All of my friends comment on how Culinary Deliveries has great pizza. Riggtown has a good honey mustard chicken, but sans that I think they cater to the 2am crowd if you catch my drift.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks so much for the recommendations, where are these places located. I love stromboli, what kind is good? So could you tell me where the K&G pizza and Culinary Deliveries are located. The 2 am crowd is too young for me.

      1. re: jficco

        Both are in West Chester. K&G is on the corner of 5 Points Road and West Chester Pike. Culinary is in the borough on Gay Street. Neither are mind-blowing but I'd say they are probably two of your better options in WC. As for other parts of Chester County I really can't speak from experience though.

        As for stromboli at K&G they are all good - I either get the italian (genoa, capicola, mmmmm) or really anything covered in meat and cheese. So horrible for me yet so good.

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          I've given up on good pizza in CC and make my own. I live in the northern part of Chester County. Its the only pizza my husband will eat now. Its great when my basil is growing like a tree. I use Wolfgang Pucks dough recipe and bake on a pizza stone.

      2. re: Prax1134

        Try Ron's Schoolhouse in Lionville. Their pizzas, particularly their unique "oval" creations, are to die for. The dough is some of the tastiest I have had anywhere in the country and the toppings are always fresh and plentiful.

      3. Riggtown may have a great late night crowd, but they also have a crowd beginning at 7 am with all kinds of people - families, businesses and students. The honey mustard is so good because most of the stuff they make is home-made. Don't knock it til you've tried it.

        1. Not too far, and a bit more upscale in Kennet Square is Savano Bistro. Woodfired pizzas are authentically delicious as is the chefs seasonal bistro menu. Well worth the trip and money!

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            1. That's because it doesn't exist. At least in West Chester. K&G, Riggstown and Culinary are below mediocre. Ron's is ok but not worth the drive from Honey Brook. Buy a pie at Clanks in Marcus Hook and heat it up at home.

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                Really need to disagree here. I grew up on K&G and it is a nice thick slice of pizza. Riggtown honey mustard is really good, but with a 2am rush I sometimes feel they know (and take advantage of) the fact that they can serve mediocrity.

                Say what you will, but to me a good piece of pizza is simple - not filet mignon. I guess I'm not too picky when it comes to dough, sauce and cheese, sorry. :(