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HELP, I can't find decent pizza in Chester County!!!!

I have lived in Chester county for 4 years now and I still have not found any decent pizza. I live in Honey Brook, right near Lancaster county. I think we've tried everything in HoneyBrook; Coatesville; Downingtown and Exton areas. I'm hoping someone knows of a hidden gem that I haven't found yet. I'm originally from Delaware county, and I know of lots of suggestions from other Chowhounds for there, but haven't heard of many for Chester or even Lancaster Counties. Help a pizza lover out, PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. I'm a fan of K&G Pizza myself - they do a good deep dish and the BEST stromboli. All of my friends comment on how Culinary Deliveries has great pizza. Riggtown has a good honey mustard chicken, but sans that I think they cater to the 2am crowd if you catch my drift.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks so much for the recommendations, where are these places located. I love stromboli, what kind is good? So could you tell me where the K&G pizza and Culinary Deliveries are located. The 2 am crowd is too young for me.

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        Both are in West Chester. K&G is on the corner of 5 Points Road and West Chester Pike. Culinary is in the borough on Gay Street. Neither are mind-blowing but I'd say they are probably two of your better options in WC. As for other parts of Chester County I really can't speak from experience though.

        As for stromboli at K&G they are all good - I either get the italian (genoa, capicola, mmmmm) or really anything covered in meat and cheese. So horrible for me yet so good.

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          I've given up on good pizza in CC and make my own. I live in the northern part of Chester County. Its the only pizza my husband will eat now. Its great when my basil is growing like a tree. I use Wolfgang Pucks dough recipe and bake on a pizza stone.

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        Try Ron's Schoolhouse in Lionville. Their pizzas, particularly their unique "oval" creations, are to die for. The dough is some of the tastiest I have had anywhere in the country and the toppings are always fresh and plentiful.

      3. Riggtown may have a great late night crowd, but they also have a crowd beginning at 7 am with all kinds of people - families, businesses and students. The honey mustard is so good because most of the stuff they make is home-made. Don't knock it til you've tried it.

        1. Not too far, and a bit more upscale in Kennet Square is Savano Bistro. Woodfired pizzas are authentically delicious as is the chefs seasonal bistro menu. Well worth the trip and money!

          1. That's because it doesn't exist. At least in West Chester. K&G, Riggstown and Culinary are below mediocre. Ron's is ok but not worth the drive from Honey Brook. Buy a pie at Clanks in Marcus Hook and heat it up at home.

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              Really need to disagree here. I grew up on K&G and it is a nice thick slice of pizza. Riggtown honey mustard is really good, but with a 2am rush I sometimes feel they know (and take advantage of) the fact that they can serve mediocrity.

              Say what you will, but to me a good piece of pizza is simple - not filet mignon. I guess I'm not too picky when it comes to dough, sauce and cheese, sorry. :(

            2. As a pizza person - I can tell you that Jack's Pizza in the Whiteland Shopping Center. If you go to my profile and click my website, I did a review a while ago. Basically, it's great super crisp (semi thin crust) pizza. They always have great selections of pizza. All of the workers are Latino and they always have soccer on the TV. Wehn you're eating the pizza, you'll think you're in NYC.

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                I will have to try Jack's in Exton. I agree w/ your website regarding John's in Frazer - that is probably the best pizza in Chester County.

                Not all the pizza at Roccos goes into the wood fired oven - when it does it is good.

                If a pizza has honey mustard on it, it is not a pizza. It's ingredients on a pizza shell.

              2. OK, OK, OK...I'm a NY'r, and I agree it is not easy here, but try Rocco's in the colonial 100 Shopping Ctr on Rt. 100 north of the Exton Mall. Delish!

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                  I eat a slice of Riggtown pizza every day for lunch and I think it is deliscious.

                2. Personally, I like the pizza from the Italian Village located on 30 business in Downingtown (in a shopping center). Its definitely not fancy - more like eating pizza while in a beer store ha - but Great pizza and also their stromboli's are excellent. We order the stromboli just as much as pizza there. Check it out. Prices are good too.

                  1. My favorite place in WC is Brother's Pizza, in the shopping center across from the Daily Local News

                    1. I feel your pain... I am originally from NY, and even after living in chester county 10 years, still have problems finding good pizza. Believe it or not, my favorite comes from the food court in the Exton Mall - it is delicious - like authentic NY pizza.

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                        Good call on the Exton Mall pizza - a little expensive for a slice of cheese, but it does have that NY style flavor. Brothers has a good white pie and a good tomato pie, but in my opinion the crust is too chewy.

                        Speaking of the mall, has anyone been to Rino's lately? That used to be good pie, but have not been there for 5 or 6 years.

                        Keep the recommendations coming! This is good stuff.

                      2. I grew-up on Five Points Rd and I have to give K&G the thumbs down ... rather chewy crust and overly salted sauce. A decent pie in Chester County is hard to come by imho, however in West Chester, my rec is Las Vegas Pizza on Gay Street. But here's the caveat ... only get plain slices that they will reheat. Las Vegas has a thin a crispy crust and a quick reheating in their oven makes for an extra flaky and crispy treat. Not great but the best in W.C.

                        If you're in northern Chester County on a Thursday and want to cross the border, check out "A Taste of Italy" on route 422 in Douglassville. It's an authentic Italian deli with terrific sandwiches and takeout. Thursdays is "pizza day" (the only day you can get a pie). I highly recommend their grilled vegetable topping. Thin crust, quality ingredients and stunningly delicious.

                        1. Has anyone been to New Haven Pizza lately? I haven't been there in .... wow... almost 10 years - but when I lived in the boro we did take out from there almost every week! Their pizza and sandwiches were always very good.
                          Does it still have the reputation as best of the borough of WC?

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                            There are some fans of New Haven around - I was not a big fan of the pie I just got there - the cheese is not really gooey.

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                              I'll second both Rocco's and New Haven. They're the best we have found in the area so far. But, like other NY exilees, we're still looking.


                          2. I like Giordano's in Kennett Square.

                            1. K&G Pizza (pepperoni) is the BEST EVER!!! My family has been getting pizza there for over 30 years! I now live in Colorado and wish that I could find something even half as good.

                              Brothers Pizza (West Chester) is also good, and Giordanos (Kennett Square) has good, cheesy pizza calzones.

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                                I agree with you 100% about Giordano's calzones. I love the pizza one but my favorite is the broccoli and tomato. I think the reason they are so good is the rectangular shape. You can get more uniformity in each bite, compared to a moon shaped...

                              2. After reading this post - my husband and I stopped by K & G's for pizza one day to try it out. Seems as if their specialty is actually deep dish. We prefer thin crust. Needless to say we didn't end up eating there because they don't sell by the slice thin crust - we were just wanting to grab a quick late lunch.

                                Does anyone recommend their thin crust (neopolitan i think they called it) pizza?

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                                  I finally tried K & G's and unfortunately it was not what I was hoping it would be. The stromboli was pretty good, but the husband and I did not like the pizza. It reminded me of a frozen pizza from the box. The search goes on for me. Any new recommendations are always appreciated.

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                                    Appreciate you giving them a try and sorry that it didn't work out for you. I grew up on the pepparoni (definitely had its moments of greasy and chewey but that's what I'm down with), but it looks like deep dish has become their selling point. Glad to hear that the stromboli was good because I have had my fair share of poor strombolis in the area.

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                                      I think next on my list to try will be John's in Frazer as was recommended. I'll update on how that goes.

                                2. Giovanni's in Royersford PA (Montgomery County but 1 mile from the Chester County border at Spring City) has good pizza. I understand it's run by the same family that owns a pizza place by a different name (can't recall it at the moment) which is in/around the Coventry Mall in Pottstown (Chester County). Anyway, we like their pizza and stromboli - it's always been good.

                                  Rino's Restaurant and Pizzeria by the Exton Mall is also good - I've only ever had a slice there but I enjoyed it.

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                                    I second both of these recs - Giovannis in Rofo is really good. And Rino's in Exton as well!

                                  2. Have you given Mom's pizza in Thorndale a try? You typically order the pizza and bake it in the oven yourself, which is sometimes better than having the pizza stores here bake it for you.

                                    Another option is Jack's in Thorndale.

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                                      Also, there's a Moms-Bake-at-Home in Ludwig's Corners as well. Buy the basic red or white and take it home and dress it up yourself. They also carry whole wheat and multi-grain crusts.

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                                        I was addicted to Mom's White pizza with broccoli - and tons of garlic - on a whole wheat crust, wow, have't had that since I moved from E OakLane (phl) 20+ years ago!
                                        thanks for the memory!

                                    2. Sals Pizza in Lionville. Great italian food - best pizza in the area IMHO. see my review on YELP.

                                      1. This is a fairly old post, but since it's been revived I'll throw my two cents in, too. In the southern part of the county, Sovana Bistro and Floga Bistro (near Genuardi's on Rt. 1) both turn out really great pizzas.

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                                          Totally agree w/you on Sovana Bistro. Ate at Floga a while back. Very mediocre. My wife swears by Anthony's located in the Festival Center, Rt. 30 Whitford Road in Exton. We just had an eggplant pizza from there the other night (she got Pizza, I stopped at Han Dynasty and picked up Chinese) and the pizza was very, very good.

                                        2. I also like Sal's in Lionville. Ron's isn't bad. Parkside in Eagle is okay. We used to love Malvern Pizza years ago when we lived there.

                                          But I actually like Peace a Pizza the best. Okay, so you might not even call it pizza if you are a stickler but the mediterranean salad slice is always calling my name...

                                          1. New member and just came across this post. Try Rainbow Pizza on Business 30 in Coatesville, about a mile east of Airport Road. Very good, and the toppings are under the cheese so they don't get overcooked.

                                            1. Brothers Pizza in West Chester - off of 322 (Giant Shopping Center). Always impressed with the pizza and other menu items. If you sign up on their website they send coupons via email.

                                              1. We LOVE the pizza at Palermo's in Phoenixville (rt 23 & 113, next to Hollywood Video). The owner is from Naples, very nice guy. We have pizza from there about once a week for the last two years. Consistent, thin crust, and he uses good cheese. Whenever we have tried other places, we always end up saying - Palermo's is better! :)

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                                                  I'll second this and add that their spot in Royersford is also really really good.

                                                2. New member here that just ran across this post... We live in Downingtown and have tried all of the pizza places around. The best pizza in the area that we've found is Anthony's Pizza in Downingtown (Next to the Downingtown School District Offices). Excellent pizza, salads and hoagies. They are pretty consistent in their food and ingredients. Everything is very fresh (It takes a few extra minutes for sandwiches because they slice the meat and cheese fresh to order.)

                                                  Anthony's Pizza
                                                  Bay Rd, Dover AFB, DE 19902